Friday, December 17, 2010

Stunning Colored Diamond Earrings By Etienne Perret

sarah blue earrings

While Etienne may be best known for his exceptional bridal jewelry collections, he is  no stranger to the world of fashion jewelry & there's no better time of the year to share one of Etienne's beautiful fashion designs  than the holidays!

Capturing a powerful dose of brilliant colors in a small yet charmingly stylish package, these Sarah Huggie earrings feature an array of color enhanced and natural color diamonds set in 18kt white and yellow gold, that is sure to brighten up any occasion!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gem Ceramic By Etienne Perret Hits The United Kingdom

It's a very special feeling for an artist when their work gets recognized far away from home. is one of the UK's leading jewelry websites and offers great insight into the complex world of fine jewelry.

Recently the editors of Professional Jeweller discovered the Gem Ceramic collection and decided, despite the giant puddle jump and Etienne's relative lack of exposure in the UK, his designs were well worth the attention of their readers. Well done guys, no one can deny your good taste!

A gallery featuring some of Etienne's exceptional new Gem Ceramic designs is viewable here...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time To Give Etienne Perret A Shot To Design A Colored Diamond Victoria Secret Fantasy Bra

Famous, amongst so many other wonderful reasons, for their extravagant annual tradition of designing an over-the-top Fantasy Bra, Victoria's Secret is a name that forever basks in the spotlight of consumer media. Every year we watch, in awe, for the unveiling of the V.S. Fantasy bra, what stunning jewels adorn it, and what outrageously wealthy woman it might end up enveloping.

But is there something deeper that the Fantasy bra represents, some type of knowledge we can glean from this flamboyant display of wealth? If anything it may be a clue as to the economic trends America is facing.

The budget for Victoria's Secret annual Fantasy Bra has been dwindling for several years now. Apparently responding to economic trends, this year's bra comes in at just $2 million retail, falling well short of the $3 million price tag in garnered last year, never mind the $6.5 V.S. dared to ask in 2006! 

Sadly, not only did this year's V.S. Fantasy Bra see the lowest sale value to date, but designers were forced to cut out diamonds of color all together, and could only afford to bedazzle their prized negligee with white diamonds, sapphires and topaz.

What a shame...If V.S. gave Etienne Perret the chance with that budget, you can bet your bottom dollar, he would electrify the Fantasy Bra with drop dead gorgeous diamonds in an exquisite variety of vivid colors. It is an absolute blessing of nature and technology to see all of the options that working with beautiful color enhanced natural diamonds has given us--for Etienne Perret, complete creative freedom comes in any color of the rainbow!

Etienne often uses natural color and white diamonds in his designs especially in the yellow, pink and brown ranges in his designs. However, he has found his niche creating the highest quality bridal jewelry using color enhanced natural diamonds. The use of color enhanced natural diamonds opens many doors, allowing Etienne to create beautiful custom designed rings, with easily sourced and exactly matching color diamonds, in nearly any color of the rainbow, at much more affordable prices.

Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection has recently been covered by luxury websites such as Robb Report, and worn by Toni Collette, star of United States of Tara, at the 2010 Emmy's. 

Contact Etienne and work with the Artist directly to custom design the colored diamond jewelry of your dreams at refreshingly affordable price!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Etienne Perret at the Westchester Craft Show

Etienne is excited to share his innovative new Gem Ceramic bridal and fashion collections as well as his traditional precious metal designs, set with diamonds in every color of the rainbow, at the Westchester Craft Show this weekend! Read more on Facebook.

Among the nation's best juried shows, the show offers its sophisticated New York and Connecticut audience a highly-selective showcase of exceptional work and the opportunity to meet more than 100 artists who com...e from all over the United States.

A rich diversity of craft: basketry, ceramics, glass, fiber decorative and wearable, furniture, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, and wood.

Crafts America Shows, LLC, producers of the Washington Craft Show and the Palm Beach Fine Craft show, has staged the Westchester Craft Show for 17 years

WHEN: October 15,16,17, 2010
Fri. Oct. 15 — 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sat. Oct. 16 — 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sun. Oct. 17 — 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

WHERE: Westchester County Center
198 Central Avenue (Route 119 at Central Ave)
White Plains NY 10606-1119
See our website for map and directions.

General Admission: $12.00
Senior Citizens: $10.00
Children under 12 free
Cash only accepted for admission, please be prepared.

Please inquire for special group rate for 10 or more people:


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bvlgari Blue Auction

One of the world's most significant and beautiful natural color diamonds, the Bvlgari Blue, will be up for auction by Christie's on October 20 of this year! It is extraordinarily rare to see a diamond of this grade (Fancy Vivid Blue) and size (10.95ct) come up for auction and the fact that it's a Bvlgari design makes it that much more exciting!

Quoted below from


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic on The Daily Jewel

There are quite a few self-proclaimed jewelry experts out there, some of whom don't know a thing about fine jewelry. But a few are legit, and out of the handful of truly experienced and knowledgeable jewelry authorities, one stands out for consistently sleuthing out some of the coolest jewelry designs for the benefit of her loyal followers.

Robyn Hawk, editor of The Daily Jewel and A Fly On The Wall: Family of Blogs, is a master in her field, and has no lack of good taste when it comes to hunting down the hottest new fine jewelry designs. Robyn recently went one step beyond offering her customary "Daily Jewel" when she gave praise to a wide selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic and colored diamond designs!

Below copied directly from The Daily Jewel:


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ask Miss A About the I. Gorman Jewelers Ultimate Ring Event

I. Gorman Jewelers Ultimate Ring Event, Fall 2010, is coming your way this weekend, and it's creating quite a buzz around the Capitol, amongst the fashion forward and romantic couples alike!

Etienne's stunning colored diamond engagement, wedding and commitment rings will be out in force. Don't miss your chance to meet with Etienne personally to custom design the ring of your dreams!

One of our favorite fashion bloggers, Andrea Rodgers of AskMissA, is one of many who'll be darned if they miss the opportunity to see Washington DC's finest collection of Bridal Jewelry!...See you there...


Etienne Perret at I. Gorman Jewelers Ultimate Ring Event, Fall 2010

Etienne is thoroughly excited to once again be showing his colored diamond designs at I. Gorman Jewelers Ultimate Ring Event this weekend! Come and see the Capitol area's best selection of Bridal Jewelry and enjoy 10% discounts on all purchases from participating designers!


Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sparkling Innovation: Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic on Robb Report

Any type of editorial coverage is welcomed by us, but sometimes we hit the jackpot. When you are developing a line of jewelry as spectacular as Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection, I suppose it isn't a big surprise that influential critics will fall in love with your work. Recently Jill Newman, senior style editor of Robb Report, came across Etienne's designs and couldn't help but feature them at!

As a fine jewelry designer, if you ask yourself what's better than getting free, front page editorial coverage from a top notch luxury publication like Robb Report? The inevitable answer is...well, almost nothing!

That appreciation shined through in Etienne's initial reaction to finding out his Gem Ceramic design had been featured in the nations top luxury publication. 

"I have been contemplating how I can create beautiful jewelry in gem quality ceramic ever since the first ceramic Rado watches came out...It feels great when a vision that has taken over two decades to come full circle finally starts getting the recognition it deserves. Thank you Robb Report for sharing my designs and my passion with the upscale consumer market!"

                                                        -Etienne Perret-

Friday, May 28, 2010

Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry Exhibits at Niche: the Show, Las Vegas


While Etienne has exhibited at the JCK jewelry show in Las Vegas on many occasions in the past, this year he has decided to try his hand at something totally fresh!

Niche: the Show is a brand new event, making its debut at Bally's Las Vegas Convention Center, June 6-8. Etienne is excited to share his innovative new Gem Ceramic collection & colored diamond jewelry designs with you at booth # 2302.

bally's outside  Niche will offer an exclusive
 collection of artists and
 designers presenting the
 finest handcrafted jewelry,
 glass, ceramic and wooden
 objects to retailers from
 across the globe. Presented 
 by the Buyers Market of
 American Craft, you can
 expect quality craftsmanship
 and exquisite design by the
 most talented artisans in the
 United States and Canada.

At the forefront of fine jewelry design for decades, Etienne Perret has once again found a way to breathe fresh air into the bridal jewelry world! Etienne's innovative new Gem Ceramic Bridal collection is the answer the market has been waiting for. Hi-tech ceramic as hard as sapphire--combining durability & style--is the perfect, affordable alternative to traditional precious metal designs. Inlaid with 18kt gold or set with diamonds in any color of the rainbow, Gem Ceramic is Stunning! Visit Etienne at booth #2302 & enter our iPad giveaway!

Please note that Niche: the Show is a wholesale event & only registered members the jewelry industry will be permitted. Make sure that you fit all the requirements before you consider visiting Etienne at this venue. If you do not, contact Etienne to arrange another opportunity to view his wonderful designs!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry & the Natural Color Diamond Association's iPad Giveaway!

It has taken decades--38 years to be exact--for Etienne to develop his vast portfolio of fine jewelry designs & seasoned wisdom of the jewelry industry. It is this experience that has given Etienne such a talent for creating timeless designs of unmatched beauty, as well as gaining the utmost respect amongst both his customers and fellow artisans.

As times change & traditional means of marketing become obsolete, we must look ahead and take advantage of the revolutionary new technologies that now offer us the chance to spread knowledge across the globe in the blink of an eye!

Etienne has embraced such opportunities & would like to share his Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry Facebook page with all of you! Packed with useful information, our page is regularly updated with new collections & upcoming events, as well as boasting the largest image database of Etienne's designs on the web!

fb screen

If that's not enough to convince you to check out Etienne's page, consider this......We want you to be the winner of a new iPad!

Etienne has teamed up with the Natural Color Diamond Association to give away an iPad to one of our loyal fans. That's right, iPad's are all the rage and we have one with your name on it!

ipadAll you need to do to qualify  for the drawing is follow the links below and make sure you "like" both Etienne's & the NCDIA's FB pages!

Anybody who "likes" both Facebook pages will be automatically entered in the iPad drawing, to take place on June 20, 2010. The lucky winner will be announced on Facebook! Read more about this sweet opportunity on our blog!

If you're not yet familiar with it, "the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is the world's leading authority on natural color diamonds. Dedicated to increasing awareness of color as a unique and valuable attribute in diamonds."

They are a wonderful resource for anyone interested in fine things and a great place to see some of the most spectacular natural color diamonds in the world!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Etienne Perret's Colored Diamond Engagement Designs Featured in Brides Magazine

It's always exciting when we get editorial coverage in major industry magazines and Brides is certainly no exception!

Etienne is proud to have a selection of his beautiful natural color and color enhanced natural diamond engagement ring designs featured in Brides magazine, January 2010 print edition. I guess this year Artsy is in and Etienne is in good company with the other designers represented, including Daniel K and Penny Preville.

Shown above are (above): Etienne's Olivia engagement ring with bright blue color enhanced natural diamond bezel set in platinum and 18kt yellow gold; (below): Etienne's Cindy engagement ring with natural color champagne in 18kt white gold.

But with this year's emphasis on colored gemstones, Etienne stands out amongst the crowd by being one of the few designers creating innovative and glamorous bridal jewelry featuring both natural color and color enhanced natural diamonds. Whether set in traditional precious metals or our hi-tech new Gem Ceramic, Etienne's colored diamond designs are on the cutting edge of fine bridal design.

Stick with natural color diamonds, or enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the intense colors of a sapphire or emerald with the brilliance and durability of a diamond, by choosing color enhanced natural diamonds. Etienne is at the forefront of this exciting new market, creating custom designed jewelry with diamonds in any color of the rainbow!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Outstanding Characteristics of Gem Ceramic Explored: An Editors Point of View

As I mentioned before, we are very excited about the effort Tricia Spencer, the wedding planning feature writer for, choose to give to Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection. Her series of three editorial articles offer an outstanding overviews on fine jewelry designer Etienne Perret, the wonderful potential of his Gem Ceramic bridal collection, and all the nitty gritty about Gem Ceramic care and maintenance.

I promised that I would come back to this subject and include some useful and exciting information quoted out of Tricia's articles, so here you go...

Tricia's Take on Fine Jewelry Designer, Etienne Perret (quoted from Suite101):

Ceramic Wedding Rings by Etienne Perret

"Zirconia ceramic wedding rings are making a splash in the world of wedding ring design, and Etienne Perret’s designs are on the cutting edge of this intriguing fashion trend. His designs are featured at exclusive jewelry retailers, yet he still sits at his jeweler’s bench every day to breathe life into the cultured designs in his jewelry collection." the full article by Tricia Spencer at


"Etienne Perret’s signature mantra is: “Nobody Treats Diamonds Better.” This visionary designer helped set the standard for precious metal and diamond jewelry design and now incorporates his unique diamond stylings into a new medium—ceramic jewelry." the full article by Tricia Spencer at

He was inspired by the scratch-resistant ceramic found in Swiss Rado watches, but it took decades for that inspiration to translate into the ceramic wedding rings and other ceramic jewelry he now features in his collection. He states, “Over 25 years ago I saw the Rado watches. They got me to thinking about ceramic jewelry, but it was not until about 5 years ago that I actually connected with a partner that helps me manufacture the pieces.” the full article by Tricia Spencer at

"Mr. Perret remains hands on in the creation of his collection and even makes himself personally available to brides and grooms who wish to create custom wedding rings and share insights into ceramic designs. His soft spot for wedding couples means he will confer with them virtually any day of the week. When asked what brides and grooms should know about him, he responded, “They should know I will personally see that their rings are made they way they want them, and I offer a full guarantee on all Gem Ceramic designs. I’m a real person they can speak to, and I will take the wishes they have imagined and create rings they will love.” the full article by Tricia Spencer at

"That he has lent his inventive creative skills to ceramic wedding rings is a boon for wedding couples. Unique wedding ring choices have entered a new era, and with a wide price range for ceramic rings, customizing wedding bands is now a possibility for all brides and grooms." the full article by Tricia Spencer at

         Credit Author: Tricia Spencer,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Etienne's Natural Color Diamond Wedding Ring Designs Praised by the Natural Color Diamond Association

The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is the world's leading authority on natural color diamonds. As an international trade organization dedicated to increasing awareness of color as a unique and valuable attribute in diamonds, they have long had the full repect and attention of colored diamond jewelry designer, Etienne Perret.

It's always a special honor, when NCDIA's executive director, Robert Lucien May, chooses to feature Etienne's natural color diamond designs on their websites.Yesterday they spotlighted Etienne's natural color diamond Triple Row Pave wedding bands on the NCDIA Facebook page.  

Three immaculate rows of pave set, natural color diamonds encircle these Etienne Perret wedding bands. Featuring yellow, white and pink natural color diamonds set in yellow, white and rose 18kt gold, respectively. These rings are available custom designed in various widths in 18kt gold or platinum, set with two to four rows of your choice of natural color or color enhanced natural diamonds, in nearly any color of the rainbow!

NCDIA is always the first to share the news about the world of large, high profile natural color diamonds (which are often more likely to take up the spotlight), but it shows the dedication to detail of their organization when they take the time to highlight the unique designs of talented independent designers such as Etienne Perret.

Etienne & His Gem Ceramic Collection Receive Major Editorial Coverage

We were very happy to see the newest editorial coverage of Etienne's increasingly popular Gem Ceramic collection get blasted across the web last week! Many online voices have made it clear they gave Etienne's newest project a big thumbs up, but rarely are we fortunate enough to get such thorough coverage by so talented an author.

Tricia Spencer lives in Southern California and has been consistently recognized for her excellence as an author of both both short stories and more journalistic pursuits! You can see a full list of her accomplishments on her website, but we are here to talk to you about her latest compilation of articles on

Tricia came across Etienne's Gem Ceramic designs on the web, while researching leads for her position as Wedding Planning feature writer at Suite101. As Etienne had realized several years back, it turns out that Gem Ceramic, created from ultra durable zirconia ceramic, is just about the best new alternative to traditional precious metal bridal jewelry and Tricia felt that her loyal readers and the general public deserve a chance to get the full scoop!

Concentrating on the impressive durability, uniqueness and potential for custom design, and the more affordable nature of zirconia ceramic, Tricia has laid out all the facts for you in a series of three articles covering Etienne Perret, the wonderful potential of his Gem Ceramic bridal collection, and all the nitty gritty about Gem Ceramic care and maintenence.

Stay tuned for more info and exciting excerpts from Tricia articles here on Etienne's blog and make sure to check out Tricia's other work!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now Available at Z Folio Gallery, California

We are excited to announce that a wide selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection, including designs with and without colored diamonds, is now available at Z folio Gallery. With two locations in Solvang and Monterey, California, offering an elite collection of glass art by famous Czech designers and a tasteful selection of fine jewelry by some of America's most talented designers, as well as large format giclee photography.

With it's upbeat and contemporary artistic atmosphere and emphasis on fine craftsmanship, we believe Z folio is a perfect place to exhibit Etienne's gorgeous Gem Ceramic collection, created with hi-tech, ultra durable zirconia ceramic!

If you live in the area, we welcome you to come in and work with the accommodating staff of Z folio to custom design the Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic or colored diamond jewelry of your dreams. For more information, visit the Z folio website.

Friday, April 16, 2010

View Etienne's Colored Diamond Designs At His Favorite Fine Retail Jewelry Stores

We are well aware that many fans and proud owners of Etienne's fine jewelry designs are not members of the jewelry trade, nor are the jewelry shows that Etienne attends always in your own backyard. We respect that, and do our best to provide you with a nearby retail venue where you can view Etienne's jewelry and work with helpful staff to custom design that perfect ring!

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to a few of our Nation's favorite fine jewelry stores, where a wide selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic and colored diamond bridal jewelry is available to you. We are happy to personally vouch for the quality of service and integrity offered by each of these fine retailers!

I. Gorman Jewelers

Located in downtown Washington DC, I. Gorman's is widely recognized as having the best customer service of any jewelry store in the USA. If you think we are exaggerating, please check out the reviews they have received on Yelp.

 i gorman Superlatives
 aside, they are
 a family owned
 and operated
 high end,
 design jewelry
 gallery with a
 selection by
 some of the
 world's finest designers. If you live in the DC area, do yourselves a favor and drop in to explore their vast selection of Etienne Perret bridal jewelry!

Hamilton Hill Jewelry

hamilton hill storefront 
resizedLocated in downtown Durham, NC, Hamilton Hill is another of the nation's top fine jewelry stores. With a wide range of jewelry of various styles, including the third largest collection of Etienne's designs, they combine extensive selection and first class customer service to offer a wonderful shopping experience for every buyer.

Stuart Moore

Well known for their exceptional selection of contemporary bridal and fashion jewelry, Stuart Moore has recently fallen in love with Etienne's Gem Ceramic and decided that none of his galleries would be complete without it! Etienne is currently developing cutting edge selection of his Gem Ceramic designs to be sold in Stuart Moore's Soho NYC, Newport Beach and San Francisco, California locations!

Servis & Taylor

Servis & Taylor is a longstanding jewelry store located in west Los Angeles, California. Also well known for their eco friendly jewelry policies, they carry a solid selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection and always welcome custom orders.

Studio Vincent

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Studio Vincent offers the best selection of high end, contemporary jewelry by the finest designers. They specialize in bridal jewelry and have a fine selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection.

Salon Etienne

If you are in New England, you may want to fill your gas tank and head up the coast to visit Etienne's private studio and workshop in Camden, Maine. Nowhere else can you find a better selection of Gem Ceramic and colored diamond bridal and fashion jewelry! We are located a stones throw from the ocean, in a world renowned coastal tourist destination, so if you need an excuse for a weekend getaway, here it is! Contact Etienne for an appointment.

Colored Diamond Newsletter, Featuring Etienne's Newest Gem Ceramic Fashion Designs Just Out

gold ribbed white 

Etienne greatly enjoys the freedom that Gem Ceramic's multiple color options has given him to help you custom design the perfect bridal jewelry. This Gold Ribbed white ceramic wedding band offers stunning contrast and fluid lines.

colored black 
ring/bangle pair

One of Etienne's most exceptional concepts, the Rainbow Diamond Black Starlight collection offers a wide selection of gorgeous Gem Ceramic bridal and fashion ring designs, as well as jaw dropping bangle bracelets. Working with color enhanced natural diamonds and Gem Ceramic, instead of 18kt gold or platinum, allows Etienne to create spectacular diamond bangle bracelets that are vastly more affordable!

golden pearl 

The immediate visual appeal of this new Golden Pearl Concave fashion ring leaves very little need for words. A lustrous 8mm cultured, natural color Golden Philippine South Seas pearl floats elegantly above the concave surface of a10mm black Gem Ceramic band--its simplicity and curvaceous form draws upon the essence of pure design.

If you don't already receive Etienne's email newsletters, sign up here! 

Etienne is now offering all Ceramic Collection ring designs in various widths, using black, white, pink, brown or blue ceramic, although we believe that many of the designs are much more appealing in the traditional black. Rings can have a polished or matte-finish and may be inlaid with yellow, white or rose 18kt gold.

A testament to Etienne's desire to custom design every piece to his consumer's exact specifications, you may choose the exact number, size and color of diamonds you desire.

While we believe that color enhanced natural diamonds are equally precious and far more versatile than natural colored diamonds, it pays to be an educated consumer! It is the moral obligation of jewelers to disclose all information about the origin of a diamond, including if it has undergone color enhancement treatments.

Etienne Perret's Colored Diamond Designs at SOFA Fair, NYC

Exhibiting at SOFA Fair, NYC  

There are so many jewelry shows across the country that it is often difficult for Etienne to decide which ones to attend. This year he will be trying something new by exhibiting the the renowned SOFA Fair in New York City, April 16-19.

buddha astronauts

The "Sculpture Objects & Functional Art" Fair is open to the public and offers a prestigious collection of art, including one of a kind masterpieces in all mediums, from paintings and sculptures to kitchenware and jewelry, created by the most respected art designers from around the globe. Visit the SOFA website for admission details.

Etienne will be exhibiting his newest Gem Ceramic (crafted from hi-tech, ultra durable zirconia ceramic) and colored diamond bridal collections at the booth of Oliver & Espig (# 404), a classy fine jewelry retailer from Santa Barbara, California. He will be on hand to chat and to personally assist you in custom designing the wedding or engagement ring of your dreams!
 Check out Etienne's stunning Rough Tendril fashion ring with it lustrous cultured South Seas pearl & natural color yellow diamond masterfully tension set in 18kt white gold.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Extraordinary DeBeer's "Millenium Blue" Diamond Sold

The most recent Sotheby's colored diamond auction, held in Hong Kong was a massive success, bringing in a total of $52.4 million and reminding us that while the global economy is uncertain, the market for high end natural color diamonds is not only stable, but growing!

Once one of the 11 outstanding colored diamonds in DeBeer's Millenium Jewels collection, this 5.16ct fancy vivid blue pear shaped diamond exceeded pre-sale estimates, selling for a cool $6.4 million to Moussaieff of London. We say, congratulations on your purchase Sir, and thank you National Jeweler for your coverage of this story!

Incredible Brown Diamond Indian Wedding Necklace

We recently stumbled across a truly wonderful piece of colored diamond jewelry. Even the talented colored diamond jewelry designer Etienne Perret was inspired by this one of a kind, natural colored diamond necklace, designed in the Polki style of traditional Indian wedding jewelry.

It features a wide range of brown diamonds shades, ranging from light champagne to dark cognac with a few yellowish stones to boot, all accentuated by boarders of bead set white diamonds! Breathtaking, unfortunately the blog post didn't mention whether it was set in 18kt while gold or platinum, nor who made this beautiful design...

We found this amazing photo on an Indian wedding planning blog, Marigold Events, by an inspiring young Indian living in the USA. Neha Goyal studied and married in the USA and now runs an event planning business as well as doing freelance work on the web!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Colored Diamond Research From The GIA Newsletter

We are always trying to keep up on the newest technologies for enhancing the color of natural diamonds, as well as the techniques for identifying their treatment. Without the tireless research efforts of grading organizations such as the GIA, we would never be able to keep up with the field, and might get duped into purchasing lab created colored diamonds as HPHT color enhanced natural diamonds!

In the GIA's most resent newsletter, they uncovered a lot of 48 pink diamonds that were sold as pink HPHT color enhanced natural diamonds, but after detailed laboratory testing by the Gemological Association of All Japan, turned out to be CVD-grown synthetic diamonds HPHT treated pink!

Thank you to the Gemological Association of All Japan and GIA was sharing the news...Lesson is, buyers beware. All color or clarity enhanced as well as synthetic/cultured diamonds must be properly and honestly disclosed by the sellers at all stages of transaction!

Here is a reprint of the article from the GIA eBrief Newsletter, April 5, 2010.

Treated CVD-Grown Pink Synthetic Diamond Melee Submitted as Natural
The Gemmological Association of All Japan - Zenhokyo Laboratory recently examined 48 small orangy pink round brilliants submitted for color-origin identification. They were represented as natural diamonds treated by a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) process. Six were in the 0.20-0.27 ct range, and the remainder were melee-size (less than 0.20 ct). Color grades ranged from Fancy Intense orangy pink to Light pinkish orange.
Microscopic examination revealed a few pinpoints in most of the samples. Several had black graphitization in cleavages and frosty etching on the surface - both signs of HPHT treatment. The pink color was evenly distributed. Most samples showed a streaked pattern of anomalous double refraction (ADR), but some revealed a “tatami”-like (cross hatched) pattern when observed in other directions. The samples fluoresced strong orange to long- and short-wave ultraviolet radiation. In the DiamondView, they luminesced bright orange, and seven showed parallel laminated growth structures. The streaked ADR pattern, fluorescence, and growth structures are consistent with synthetic diamonds grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD).
These 48 synthetic diamonds (0.01-0.27 ct) were grown by the CVD method and then treated to produce their pink color. Photo by H. Kitawaki.
UV-visible spectra showed a broad absorption centered around 500 nm (related to nitrogen-vacancy centers at 575 and 637 nm) that was the cause of the pink color and orange fluorescence. Infrared spectra indicated that all samples were type IIa. Most also showed weak hydrogen-related features, but an absorption at 3123 cm-1 (which has been reported as characteristic of CVD synthetic diamond but annealed out by HPHT treatment) was not detected. In all samples, photoluminescence spectroscopy detected silicon-related defects - which are characteristic of CVD synthetic diamonds - as well as GR1 centers and a 389 nm line, which are related to irradiation.
The nitrogen-vacancy centers were apparently formed by HPHT treatment followed by irradiation and annealing of the nitrogen-containing CVD synthetic diamonds. A combination of gemological and spectroscopic characteristics were used to identify all 48 of these pink melee as treated-color CVD synthetics.  
Article Written By:   
- Hiroshi Kitawaki, Ahmadjan Abduriyim, Jun Kawano, and Makoto Okano
Gemmological Association of All Japan - Zenhokyo, Tokyo

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic & Colored Diamond Designs Sweep DC

Being based in the quaint seaside village of Camden in mid-coast Maine, Etienne has always understood the importance of focusing his marketing attention to specific hot spots around the country. One such hot spot, only challenged by NYC and LA for overall customer base (specific to fine bridal jewelry purchases), is the greater Washington DC area.

It has long seemed that DC has more than its fair share of both hip, upbeat young couples and middle-aged power couples, looking to tie the knot in style. Combine that with the convenience of having one of the country's finest retail jewelry stores at their doorstep and you've got all the makings for a wonderful bridal jewelry market!

For years Etienne has cultivated his close personal relationship with I. Gorman Jewelers in downtown Washington DC. I. Gorman's offers an ideal combination of excellent designer jewelry and exceptional customer service, that makes buying the perfect ring so easy for customers of all ages and budgets.

One such I. Gorman event that gives brides and grooms "to be" the perfect chance to find the ring that's just right for them is the Ultimate Ring Event (as covered recently in this blog). It was at this year's Ultimate Ring Event that Etienne first meet one of our favorite new bridal industry peers, Ebony Sparks.

Ebony owns and runs a great event planning company, called Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC, catering to the Washington DC area, which specializes in weddings, amongst other types of gatherings and celebrations. Ebony works hard to stay on top of all the newest trends secrets of bridal industry, so naturally she is in high favor of I. Gorman Jewelers and made sure to check out the Ultimate Ring Event as well as cover it in her Sparkle Spot blog.

Getting to the point, I. Gorman introduced Ebony to the fabulous colored diamond bridal jewelry of Etienne Perret and she immediately fell in love with his designs! Since then she has been well enough inspired to post an article about Etienne's wonderful new Gem Ceramic bridal collection here on her Sparkle Spot Blog.

Thank you Ebony! We appreciate your support and look forward to working together to satisfy young couples in the DC area for years to come!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Article About the Darker Side of the Diamond Mining Trade in Cinta Larga, Brazil

I stumbled across this article in the Village Voice. It is the rather complex story about the darker side of the diamond mining trade in the Cinta Larga Indian Reserve of Brazil and one New Yorker's attempt an utter failure to make a fortune from it.

A thoroughly interesting read and a reminder of why we like to stay on the right side of the law.

(First page copied from the Village Voice online. Read the rest HERE)

A New York Operator's Trail of Blood, Bankruptcy, and Brazilian Diamonds

        The entrance to the 110-year-old brownstone at 2 East 12th Street, two blocks south of Union Square, isn't particularly dramatic or imposing. You have to step down to reach the front door. There's no doorman to wait on you.

Garimpeiros at work, photographed from a federal 
police helicopter in 2004.
                                                                                                      photos crdt: Newscom
Garimpeiros at work, photographed from a federal police helicopter in 2004.

        Looking at it, you wouldn't imagine that the basement apartment there was at the center of a bitter court fight that ranged from the West 47th Street Diamond District deep into the Amazon jungle, and involved smuggling, bribery, corruption, a $20 billion corporation, Stone Age Indians, and a massacre.
        Longtime New York diamond merchant Marco Kalisch and his wife, Mayra, owned the apartment, having lovingly restored it after combining it with the two adjacent units. They had a nice life—at least until Kalisch and his Brazilian partners tried to corner the market on rough diamonds being illegally mined on an Indian reservation in the Amazon.
        "The story told by Marco [Kalisch] could be the basis of a screenplay," a U.S. bankruptcy judge noted in his surprisingly novelistic description of the case that was almost completely ignored by the media. "The background [swirls] with references to shady dealings and long journeys into remote areas of the Amazon jungle, describes an apparently illegal conspiracy to obtain rough diamonds from . . . Indians in Brazil and import those diamonds into the United States for ultimate sale in the diamond market of Antwerp."
        That wild scheme, actually successful for a short time, ultimately blew up. And in the end, what the Americans involved in it were left to fight over was the basement apartment on East 12th Street—so far away from where the story starts, thousands of miles south, deep in inaccessible jungle.
        The 1,300-member Cinta Larga tribe, whose name means "Wide Belt," lives on a 6.7-million-acre Brazilian reservation of dense jungle, limited roads, and almost impassable rivers. The land, about 2,100 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro, is reachable only via 100 miles of poorly maintained dirt roads. Inside the reserve, travel is limited largely to narrow foot trails and the river.
        The first extensively recorded encounter with white Westerners came during Theodore Roosevelt's historic expedition down the so-called River of Doubt, named for its extreme and dangerous conditions.
        When Roosevelt and the Brazilian explorer C├óndido Rondon, for whom the state is named, encountered them in 1914, the Cinta Larga had never seen a white man before. They were still living in the Stone Age, isolated by the river, and hadn't even thought to build boats.
        War for the Cinta Larga was a cultural obsession. The tribe decapitated and eviscerated their enemy's dead and grilled the meat over an open fire before bringing it home for their wives to slice, cook with water, and consume.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Etienne Perret at I. Gorman Jewelers Ultimate Ring Event

 Etienne has been particularly fond of  I. Gorman Jewelers in Washington DC for quite some time. Widely known as one of the best retail jewelry stores in the country, I. Gorman's has become the golden standard for retail shopping quality by offering the absolute best in customer service. With sales people who remember their customers by face and never discriminate, whether you come in for a 3 carat diamond engagement ring or a pair of simple gold stud earrings. You can't go wrong when you choose I. Gorman's!

Every year about this time I. Gorman's holds its Ultimate Ring Event, a wonderful weekend with a select group of the world's finest bridal jewelry designers in-house to help loving couples choose their perfect engagement, wedding and commitment rings! This year the event is set for Friday and Saturday, March 5-6 (11am-6pm) at I. Gorman's Jewelers, 1133 20th Street NW, Washington DC.

Etienne will be there to work with you personally to choose the custom designed, colored diamond bridal jewelry of your dreams. If you are in the DC area, be sure to stop by and check out Etienne's wonderful new Gem Ceramic collection. We have the perfect design for you with diamonds in any color of the rainbow!

Other designers showing include Alishan, Ambar, Coge, Etienne perret, Furrer Jacot, Gebruder Schaffrath, Jolie, Maevona, Precision Set, Scholdt and Todd Reed!

Don't Miss It!

Gem Expert Diana Jarrett Praises Etienne Perret's Color Enhanced Natural Diamond Designs

Well known and respected gemologist and award-winning trade journalist, Diana Jarrett, author of the Story Behind the Stone column and the Color-n-Ice blog, amongst so many other publications, recently decided it was once again time to give her attention to the designs of Etienne Perret.

This time she was busy writing a story for the New York Mineralogical Club's Spring Bulletin and the focus of her story was on Etienne's use of color enhanced natural diamonds. Specifically, the brilliant green variety that look so stunning on the fair skin of a woman as beautiful as Diana.

Check out her article:

Sometimes Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

All naturally colored diamonds are rare. In an ideal scenario, diamonds are formed from a single element, that being pure carbon-rendering them exquisitely colorless. Their tint can come from a variety of trace elements that intrude into the molecular structure of the mineral. But color can also result from mechanisms not fully understood. How are color-change diamonds created exactly–or pink, for that matter? The jury is still out on that mysterious transpiration.

           When it comes to natural green diamonds, scientists tell us, it is the result of that diamonds' close encounter with naturally occurring subterranean radiation. Therefore with the very few green diamonds that make up the global harvest annually, many will have their green tint most present on the skin of the crystal–the very outer surface.
           Green diamonds are scrutinized thoroughly in order for the cutter to best determine how to approach polishing this rarity and to conserve as much green as possible on the finished stone.
           Few people have the privilege of seeing a fancy color green diamond, outside of a handful in museums around the world. The most famous green diamond that the public can view is the 41 carat Dresden Green Diamond displayed in a German museum.

          Fortunately, diamond lovers can treat themselves to enhanced green diamonds which pack a punch on any jewelry item featuring them. Couture designer Etienne Perret knows just how to show off these verdant beauties with his luxurious enhanced green diamond pave clasp paired artfully to some yummy golden pearls. Perret’s enhanced green diamond stud earrings are another way to focus on the intense vivid color produced in these diamonds.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just How Tough is Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Gem Ceramic Collection

It's easy enough to hear us tell you just how durable Etienne Perret's Gem Ceramic Jewelry is, but sometimes it's nice to see for yourself.

Made from the same hi-tech zirconia ceramic as the increasingly popular ceramic kitchen knives, Etienne's Gem Ceramic rings and bracelets truly stand the test of time! You can try dropping them 6 feet onto a marble floor (not recommended if set with diamonds!) or scratching them with a steel blade blade and your ring is sure to not look any worse for the wear!

Check out some of the press about the wonders of zirconia ceramic, including this YouTube video for  Tocdo Ceramic Knives.


And can you believe how durable these Kyocera Zirconia Ceramic Knives are? They just won't break!

Etienne Perret 10mm white Gem Ceramic ring bezel set with teal blue color enhanced natural diamond in 18kt white gold.

 You can truly count on the durability of Etienne's Gem Ceramic Jewelry!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Etienne Perret's Newest Colored Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

yellow diamond nadia

While Etienne has found his niche creating an unrivaled collection of color enhanced natural diamond jewelry, the appeal of natural color has certainly not slipped his mind.

This 18kt white gold Ashley engagement ring, set with a stunning natural cognac diamond is a testament to the beauty and versatility of natural color diamonds.

yellow diamond nadia

Another elegant new design, Etienne's Tina engagement ring is the perfect blend of traditional style with a modern twist. Shown here in 18kt white gold, with a dazzling blue princess cut color enhanced natural diamond.

Contact Etienne today to custom design the bridal jewelry of your dreams in 18kt gold or platinum, with diamonds in any color of the rainbow!

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