Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be a Trendsetter with Colored Diamonds in Ceramic

As Etienne Perret's groundbreaking new Zirconia Ceramic Bridal Collection is met with unbounded support from the fine jewelry world, it's time that some fresh designs hit the streets!

Finding their way into exclusive high-end jewelry boutiques around the country, including I. Gorman in Washington DC and Hamilton Hill in Durham North Carolina, amongst many others, Etienne's newest ceramic wedding ring and commitment bands are incorporating exquisite natural colored and color treated natural diamonds into already stunning ceramic designs!

Be the star of the cocktail party or the envy of your friends with canary yellow diamonds starlight set in platinum encircling a black ceramic wedding band.

Or express the pureness of your love with a white ceramic commitment band, sprinkled with rainbow colored diamonds inlaid in 18kt yellow gold.

With so many exciting color combinations the possibilities are truly endless!

Work directly with the artist himself, Etienne Perret, to custom design your own fine bridal jewelry to your exact specifications! Create the wedding ring you always dreamed of at a much more affordable price by setting white or colored diamonds in durable Zirconia Ceramic.

Don't let yourself settle for a traditional gold or platinum ring if that's not what's in your heart. You can be refreshingly unique or you can be a trendsetter. Express yourself with Etienne's gorgeous colored diamond ceramic bridal designs! You won't regret it, as zirconia ceramic is as hard as sapphire and nearly impossible to crack or scratch!

Etienne Perret 8mm matte finish black ceramic wedding band with 18kt yellow gold stripe. View similar designs on Etienne's Facebook Album