Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now Available at Z Folio Gallery, California

We are excited to announce that a wide selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection, including designs with and without colored diamonds, is now available at Z folio Gallery. With two locations in Solvang and Monterey, California, offering an elite collection of glass art by famous Czech designers and a tasteful selection of fine jewelry by some of America's most talented designers, as well as large format giclee photography.

With it's upbeat and contemporary artistic atmosphere and emphasis on fine craftsmanship, we believe Z folio is a perfect place to exhibit Etienne's gorgeous Gem Ceramic collection, created with hi-tech, ultra durable zirconia ceramic!

If you live in the area, we welcome you to come in and work with the accommodating staff of Z folio to custom design the Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic or colored diamond jewelry of your dreams. For more information, visit the Z folio website.

Friday, April 16, 2010

View Etienne's Colored Diamond Designs At His Favorite Fine Retail Jewelry Stores

We are well aware that many fans and proud owners of Etienne's fine jewelry designs are not members of the jewelry trade, nor are the jewelry shows that Etienne attends always in your own backyard. We respect that, and do our best to provide you with a nearby retail venue where you can view Etienne's jewelry and work with helpful staff to custom design that perfect ring!

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to a few of our Nation's favorite fine jewelry stores, where a wide selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic and colored diamond bridal jewelry is available to you. We are happy to personally vouch for the quality of service and integrity offered by each of these fine retailers!

I. Gorman Jewelers

Located in downtown Washington DC, I. Gorman's is widely recognized as having the best customer service of any jewelry store in the USA. If you think we are exaggerating, please check out the reviews they have received on Yelp.

 i gorman Superlatives
 aside, they are
 a family owned
 and operated
 high end,
 design jewelry
 gallery with a
 selection by
 some of the
 world's finest designers. If you live in the DC area, do yourselves a favor and drop in to explore their vast selection of Etienne Perret bridal jewelry!

Hamilton Hill Jewelry

hamilton hill storefront 
resizedLocated in downtown Durham, NC, Hamilton Hill is another of the nation's top fine jewelry stores. With a wide range of jewelry of various styles, including the third largest collection of Etienne's designs, they combine extensive selection and first class customer service to offer a wonderful shopping experience for every buyer.

Stuart Moore

Well known for their exceptional selection of contemporary bridal and fashion jewelry, Stuart Moore has recently fallen in love with Etienne's Gem Ceramic and decided that none of his galleries would be complete without it! Etienne is currently developing cutting edge selection of his Gem Ceramic designs to be sold in Stuart Moore's Soho NYC, Newport Beach and San Francisco, California locations!

Servis & Taylor

Servis & Taylor is a longstanding jewelry store located in west Los Angeles, California. Also well known for their eco friendly jewelry policies, they carry a solid selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection and always welcome custom orders.

Studio Vincent

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Studio Vincent offers the best selection of high end, contemporary jewelry by the finest designers. They specialize in bridal jewelry and have a fine selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection.

Salon Etienne

If you are in New England, you may want to fill your gas tank and head up the coast to visit Etienne's private studio and workshop in Camden, Maine. Nowhere else can you find a better selection of Gem Ceramic and colored diamond bridal and fashion jewelry! We are located a stones throw from the ocean, in a world renowned coastal tourist destination, so if you need an excuse for a weekend getaway, here it is! Contact Etienne for an appointment.

Colored Diamond Newsletter, Featuring Etienne's Newest Gem Ceramic Fashion Designs Just Out

gold ribbed white 

Etienne greatly enjoys the freedom that Gem Ceramic's multiple color options has given him to help you custom design the perfect bridal jewelry. This Gold Ribbed white ceramic wedding band offers stunning contrast and fluid lines.

colored black 
ring/bangle pair

One of Etienne's most exceptional concepts, the Rainbow Diamond Black Starlight collection offers a wide selection of gorgeous Gem Ceramic bridal and fashion ring designs, as well as jaw dropping bangle bracelets. Working with color enhanced natural diamonds and Gem Ceramic, instead of 18kt gold or platinum, allows Etienne to create spectacular diamond bangle bracelets that are vastly more affordable!

golden pearl 

The immediate visual appeal of this new Golden Pearl Concave fashion ring leaves very little need for words. A lustrous 8mm cultured, natural color Golden Philippine South Seas pearl floats elegantly above the concave surface of a10mm black Gem Ceramic band--its simplicity and curvaceous form draws upon the essence of pure design.

If you don't already receive Etienne's email newsletters, sign up here! 

Etienne is now offering all Ceramic Collection ring designs in various widths, using black, white, pink, brown or blue ceramic, although we believe that many of the designs are much more appealing in the traditional black. Rings can have a polished or matte-finish and may be inlaid with yellow, white or rose 18kt gold.

A testament to Etienne's desire to custom design every piece to his consumer's exact specifications, you may choose the exact number, size and color of diamonds you desire.

While we believe that color enhanced natural diamonds are equally precious and far more versatile than natural colored diamonds, it pays to be an educated consumer! It is the moral obligation of jewelers to disclose all information about the origin of a diamond, including if it has undergone color enhancement treatments.

Etienne Perret's Colored Diamond Designs at SOFA Fair, NYC

Exhibiting at SOFA Fair, NYC  

There are so many jewelry shows across the country that it is often difficult for Etienne to decide which ones to attend. This year he will be trying something new by exhibiting the the renowned SOFA Fair in New York City, April 16-19.

buddha astronauts

The "Sculpture Objects & Functional Art" Fair is open to the public and offers a prestigious collection of art, including one of a kind masterpieces in all mediums, from paintings and sculptures to kitchenware and jewelry, created by the most respected art designers from around the globe. Visit the SOFA website for admission details.

Etienne will be exhibiting his newest Gem Ceramic (crafted from hi-tech, ultra durable zirconia ceramic) and colored diamond bridal collections at the booth of Oliver & Espig (# 404), a classy fine jewelry retailer from Santa Barbara, California. He will be on hand to chat and to personally assist you in custom designing the wedding or engagement ring of your dreams!
 Check out Etienne's stunning Rough Tendril fashion ring with it lustrous cultured South Seas pearl & natural color yellow diamond masterfully tension set in 18kt white gold.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Extraordinary DeBeer's "Millenium Blue" Diamond Sold

The most recent Sotheby's colored diamond auction, held in Hong Kong was a massive success, bringing in a total of $52.4 million and reminding us that while the global economy is uncertain, the market for high end natural color diamonds is not only stable, but growing!

Once one of the 11 outstanding colored diamonds in DeBeer's Millenium Jewels collection, this 5.16ct fancy vivid blue pear shaped diamond exceeded pre-sale estimates, selling for a cool $6.4 million to Moussaieff of London. We say, congratulations on your purchase Sir, and thank you National Jeweler for your coverage of this story!

Incredible Brown Diamond Indian Wedding Necklace

We recently stumbled across a truly wonderful piece of colored diamond jewelry. Even the talented colored diamond jewelry designer Etienne Perret was inspired by this one of a kind, natural colored diamond necklace, designed in the Polki style of traditional Indian wedding jewelry.

It features a wide range of brown diamonds shades, ranging from light champagne to dark cognac with a few yellowish stones to boot, all accentuated by boarders of bead set white diamonds! Breathtaking, unfortunately the blog post didn't mention whether it was set in 18kt while gold or platinum, nor who made this beautiful design...

We found this amazing photo on an Indian wedding planning blog, Marigold Events, by an inspiring young Indian living in the USA. Neha Goyal studied and married in the USA and now runs an event planning business as well as doing freelance work on the web!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Colored Diamond Research From The GIA Newsletter

We are always trying to keep up on the newest technologies for enhancing the color of natural diamonds, as well as the techniques for identifying their treatment. Without the tireless research efforts of grading organizations such as the GIA, we would never be able to keep up with the field, and might get duped into purchasing lab created colored diamonds as HPHT color enhanced natural diamonds!

In the GIA's most resent newsletter, they uncovered a lot of 48 pink diamonds that were sold as pink HPHT color enhanced natural diamonds, but after detailed laboratory testing by the Gemological Association of All Japan, turned out to be CVD-grown synthetic diamonds HPHT treated pink!

Thank you to the Gemological Association of All Japan and GIA was sharing the news...Lesson is, buyers beware. All color or clarity enhanced as well as synthetic/cultured diamonds must be properly and honestly disclosed by the sellers at all stages of transaction!

Here is a reprint of the article from the GIA eBrief Newsletter, April 5, 2010.

Treated CVD-Grown Pink Synthetic Diamond Melee Submitted as Natural
The Gemmological Association of All Japan - Zenhokyo Laboratory recently examined 48 small orangy pink round brilliants submitted for color-origin identification. They were represented as natural diamonds treated by a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) process. Six were in the 0.20-0.27 ct range, and the remainder were melee-size (less than 0.20 ct). Color grades ranged from Fancy Intense orangy pink to Light pinkish orange.
Microscopic examination revealed a few pinpoints in most of the samples. Several had black graphitization in cleavages and frosty etching on the surface - both signs of HPHT treatment. The pink color was evenly distributed. Most samples showed a streaked pattern of anomalous double refraction (ADR), but some revealed a “tatami”-like (cross hatched) pattern when observed in other directions. The samples fluoresced strong orange to long- and short-wave ultraviolet radiation. In the DiamondView, they luminesced bright orange, and seven showed parallel laminated growth structures. The streaked ADR pattern, fluorescence, and growth structures are consistent with synthetic diamonds grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD).
These 48 synthetic diamonds (0.01-0.27 ct) were grown by the CVD method and then treated to produce their pink color. Photo by H. Kitawaki.
UV-visible spectra showed a broad absorption centered around 500 nm (related to nitrogen-vacancy centers at 575 and 637 nm) that was the cause of the pink color and orange fluorescence. Infrared spectra indicated that all samples were type IIa. Most also showed weak hydrogen-related features, but an absorption at 3123 cm-1 (which has been reported as characteristic of CVD synthetic diamond but annealed out by HPHT treatment) was not detected. In all samples, photoluminescence spectroscopy detected silicon-related defects - which are characteristic of CVD synthetic diamonds - as well as GR1 centers and a 389 nm line, which are related to irradiation.
The nitrogen-vacancy centers were apparently formed by HPHT treatment followed by irradiation and annealing of the nitrogen-containing CVD synthetic diamonds. A combination of gemological and spectroscopic characteristics were used to identify all 48 of these pink melee as treated-color CVD synthetics.  
Article Written By:   
- Hiroshi Kitawaki, Ahmadjan Abduriyim, Jun Kawano, and Makoto Okano
Gemmological Association of All Japan - Zenhokyo, Tokyo

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic & Colored Diamond Designs Sweep DC

Being based in the quaint seaside village of Camden in mid-coast Maine, Etienne has always understood the importance of focusing his marketing attention to specific hot spots around the country. One such hot spot, only challenged by NYC and LA for overall customer base (specific to fine bridal jewelry purchases), is the greater Washington DC area.

It has long seemed that DC has more than its fair share of both hip, upbeat young couples and middle-aged power couples, looking to tie the knot in style. Combine that with the convenience of having one of the country's finest retail jewelry stores at their doorstep and you've got all the makings for a wonderful bridal jewelry market!

For years Etienne has cultivated his close personal relationship with I. Gorman Jewelers in downtown Washington DC. I. Gorman's offers an ideal combination of excellent designer jewelry and exceptional customer service, that makes buying the perfect ring so easy for customers of all ages and budgets.

One such I. Gorman event that gives brides and grooms "to be" the perfect chance to find the ring that's just right for them is the Ultimate Ring Event (as covered recently in this blog). It was at this year's Ultimate Ring Event that Etienne first meet one of our favorite new bridal industry peers, Ebony Sparks.

Ebony owns and runs a great event planning company, called Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC, catering to the Washington DC area, which specializes in weddings, amongst other types of gatherings and celebrations. Ebony works hard to stay on top of all the newest trends secrets of bridal industry, so naturally she is in high favor of I. Gorman Jewelers and made sure to check out the Ultimate Ring Event as well as cover it in her Sparkle Spot blog.

Getting to the point, I. Gorman introduced Ebony to the fabulous colored diamond bridal jewelry of Etienne Perret and she immediately fell in love with his designs! Since then she has been well enough inspired to post an article about Etienne's wonderful new Gem Ceramic bridal collection here on her Sparkle Spot Blog.

Thank you Ebony! We appreciate your support and look forward to working together to satisfy young couples in the DC area for years to come!