Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sparkling Innovation: Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic on Robb Report

Any type of editorial coverage is welcomed by us, but sometimes we hit the jackpot. When you are developing a line of jewelry as spectacular as Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection, I suppose it isn't a big surprise that influential critics will fall in love with your work. Recently Jill Newman, senior style editor of Robb Report, came across Etienne's designs and couldn't help but feature them at!

As a fine jewelry designer, if you ask yourself what's better than getting free, front page editorial coverage from a top notch luxury publication like Robb Report? The inevitable answer is...well, almost nothing!

That appreciation shined through in Etienne's initial reaction to finding out his Gem Ceramic design had been featured in the nations top luxury publication. 

"I have been contemplating how I can create beautiful jewelry in gem quality ceramic ever since the first ceramic Rado watches came out...It feels great when a vision that has taken over two decades to come full circle finally starts getting the recognition it deserves. Thank you Robb Report for sharing my designs and my passion with the upscale consumer market!"

                                                        -Etienne Perret-