Monday, February 15, 2010

Just How Tough is Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Gem Ceramic Collection

It's easy enough to hear us tell you just how durable Etienne Perret's Gem Ceramic Jewelry is, but sometimes it's nice to see for yourself.

Made from the same hi-tech zirconia ceramic as the increasingly popular ceramic kitchen knives, Etienne's Gem Ceramic rings and bracelets truly stand the test of time! You can try dropping them 6 feet onto a marble floor (not recommended if set with diamonds!) or scratching them with a steel blade blade and your ring is sure to not look any worse for the wear!

Check out some of the press about the wonders of zirconia ceramic, including this YouTube video for  Tocdo Ceramic Knives.


And can you believe how durable these Kyocera Zirconia Ceramic Knives are? They just won't break!

Etienne Perret 10mm white Gem Ceramic ring bezel set with teal blue color enhanced natural diamond in 18kt white gold.

 You can truly count on the durability of Etienne's Gem Ceramic Jewelry!

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