Thursday, August 27, 2009

Celebrities Choose Etienne!

As more and more celebrities desire colored diamond jewelry it is very exciting to see what designers they choose to create their one of a kind jewelry.

Etienne Perret is known as a "Jewelers' Jeweler," because many successful jewelry designers and store owners opt to go with Etienne designs when buying jewelry for themselves and their loved ones. As the saying goes, it takes a craftsman to recognize fine craftsmanship!

While experienced with making jewelry for the most demanding consumers, Etienne was still caught by surprise when he was commissioned by the basketball legend, Michael Jordan, to create a series of platinum and color treated natural diamond pendants! One pendant was to be created for each of Michael Jordan's three children, using diamonds in the color of each child's birthstone, respectively. A final, master pendant would be made for Michael himself, set with diamonds in each of the colors his children possessed!

It was a resounding success. Here's a glimpse of the Jordan pendants!

Michael Jordan's Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Pendant

Teal colored diamond Etienne Perret Pendant for Jordan's Family

Yellow colored Etienne Perret Pendant for Jordan's family

Michael Jordan Wearing His Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Pendant

Colored Diamonds in the Media

Colored diamonds, while slow to reach the mainstream, are becoming increasingly popular in the media and are a must have within more fashionable circles. Numerous celebrities are opting for colored diamond engagement rings and even wedding bands instead of more traditional colorless stones. The result--breathtaking designs with stunningly colorful, yet durable center-stones!

It's a who's who list of celebrities that have chosen colored diamond engagement rings to showcase their love, not to mention their wealth!

Heidi Klum went with yellow... Jennifer Lopez chose pink:

While large natural colored diamonds are far to expensive for the average consumer, beautiful colored diamond jewelry is NOT out of your reach by any means. A small group of open-minded, talented designers have begun using color enhanced, natural diamonds in their bridal and fashion jewelry designs.

Etienne Perret has been custom designing and fabricating diamond jewelry for over thirty years and was one of the first artists to bring color enhanced, natural diamonds to the forefront of the jewelry world.

Using the color enhancement processes of irradiation or HTHP (high temperature, high pressure) on natural diamonds is a great way to ensure vibrant color in natural diamonds while maintaining a price-tag accessible the average American.

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