Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Outstanding Characteristics of Gem Ceramic Explored: An Editors Point of View

As I mentioned before, we are very excited about the effort Tricia Spencer, the wedding planning feature writer for, choose to give to Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection. Her series of three editorial articles offer an outstanding overviews on fine jewelry designer Etienne Perret, the wonderful potential of his Gem Ceramic bridal collection, and all the nitty gritty about Gem Ceramic care and maintenance.

I promised that I would come back to this subject and include some useful and exciting information quoted out of Tricia's articles, so here you go...

Tricia's Take on Fine Jewelry Designer, Etienne Perret (quoted from Suite101):

Ceramic Wedding Rings by Etienne Perret

"Zirconia ceramic wedding rings are making a splash in the world of wedding ring design, and Etienne Perret’s designs are on the cutting edge of this intriguing fashion trend. His designs are featured at exclusive jewelry retailers, yet he still sits at his jeweler’s bench every day to breathe life into the cultured designs in his jewelry collection." the full article by Tricia Spencer at


"Etienne Perret’s signature mantra is: “Nobody Treats Diamonds Better.” This visionary designer helped set the standard for precious metal and diamond jewelry design and now incorporates his unique diamond stylings into a new medium—ceramic jewelry." the full article by Tricia Spencer at

He was inspired by the scratch-resistant ceramic found in Swiss Rado watches, but it took decades for that inspiration to translate into the ceramic wedding rings and other ceramic jewelry he now features in his collection. He states, “Over 25 years ago I saw the Rado watches. They got me to thinking about ceramic jewelry, but it was not until about 5 years ago that I actually connected with a partner that helps me manufacture the pieces.” the full article by Tricia Spencer at

"Mr. Perret remains hands on in the creation of his collection and even makes himself personally available to brides and grooms who wish to create custom wedding rings and share insights into ceramic designs. His soft spot for wedding couples means he will confer with them virtually any day of the week. When asked what brides and grooms should know about him, he responded, “They should know I will personally see that their rings are made they way they want them, and I offer a full guarantee on all Gem Ceramic designs. I’m a real person they can speak to, and I will take the wishes they have imagined and create rings they will love.” the full article by Tricia Spencer at

"That he has lent his inventive creative skills to ceramic wedding rings is a boon for wedding couples. Unique wedding ring choices have entered a new era, and with a wide price range for ceramic rings, customizing wedding bands is now a possibility for all brides and grooms." the full article by Tricia Spencer at

         Credit Author: Tricia Spencer,

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