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Another Respected Jewelry Critic Praises Etienne Perret's Colored Diamond Jewelry Designs

Recently I came across a post on a great jewelry blog called Color-n-Ice, by Diana Jarrett, which featured one of Etienne's most stunning Colored diamond jewelry designs earlier this year. Color-n-Ice is a fun jewelry resource and we were happy to see the author taking interest in one of Etienne Perret's more stunning Colored Diamond pieces.

Etienne's Golden Philippine saltwater Pearl necklace complemented with a gorgeous Green Colored Diamond pave interchangeable clasp is a truly breathtaking sight. No surprise it has turned many heads in the Fine Jewelry World!

Here's a copy of her post. Please follow the links to check out the Color-n-Ice blog directly!

Some Times Beauty is Only Skin Deep

All naturally colored diamonds are rare. In an ideal scenario, diamonds are formed from a single element, that being pure carbon-rendering them exquisitely colorless. Their tint can come from a variety of trace elements that intrude into the molecular structure of the mineral. But color can also result from mechanisms not fully understood. How are color-change diamonds created exactly--or pink, for that matter? The jury is still out on that mysterious transpiration.

When it comes to natural green diamonds, scientists tell us, it is the result of that diamonds' close encounter with naturally occurring subterranean radiation. Therefore with the very few green diamonds that make up the global harvest annually, many will have their green tint most present on the skin of the crystal--the very outer surface.

Green diamonds are scrutinized thoroughly in order for the cutter to best determine how to approach polishing this rarity and to conserve as much green as possible on the finished stone.

Few people have the privilege of seeing a fancy color green diamond, outside of a handful in museums around the world. The most famous green diamond that the public can view is the 41 carat Dresden Green Diamond displayed in a German museum.

Fortunately, diamond lovers can treat themselves to enhanced green diamonds which pack a punch on any jewelry item featuring them. Couture designer Etienne Perret knows just how to show off these verdant beauties with his luxurious enhanced green diamond pave clasp paired artfully to some yummy golden pearls.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spotting Color Enhanced Diamonds...Even Your Browns Should be Tested!

It seems that while every cautious jeweler is double checking to make sure that the pink, yellow and even more rare colored diamonds are natural and untreated, many overlook the champagne and cognac colored stones, assuming that they are untreated.

Sometimes it's a shock to find out that even a lesser valued, brown colored diamond might not be natural. But it's not a surprise considering how popular champagne and cognac diamonds have recently become for men's rings and fashion designs!

If you're going to buy brown diamonds, we highly recommend that you insist on diamond grading for the larger stones to avoid the disappointment of being had by unscrupulous diamond dealers.

On the other hand, it is often the best bet to ensure the highest quality of color at more affordable prices by simply choosing to go with color enhanced natural diamonds--even your brilliant browns! By working with trusted and open jewelry designers like Etienne Perret you can decide what's best for you and quite often that's color enhanced.

Take a look at this beautiful brown-orange diamond that GIA testing revealed to be treated by irradiation and annealment, much to the disappointment of an unsuspecting buyer. The article mentions that Sally Chan and Paul Johnson GIA Laboratory, New York used the DiamondVision as one tool in determining the treatment of this stone. Below I have reprinted their GIA article:

                     DiamondView Indicates Treatment 
                            in Brown-Orange Diamond

The GIA Laboratory in New York recently examined a 1.49 ct pear-shaped brilliant that was color graded Fancy Deep brown-orange. Although the stone’s bodycolor appeared evenly distributed when viewed face-up, microscopic examination revealed that it was concentrated in the crown and penetrated only a shallow distance into the stone, with a sharp boundary that followed the girdle facets.

Such facet-associated color zoning would be expected for an artificially irradiated diamond. Infrared absorption spectroscopy revealed that the diamond was type IaB, which is consistent with the presence of banded brown graining. When exposed to long- and short-wave UV radiation, the stone fluoresced an intense chalky green that followed the graining. UV-visible absorption spectroscopy showed a strong absorption at 595 nm, which - along with the color zoning - indicated that this diamond had been artificially irradiated to induce the brown-orange color.

Of particular interest was the stone’s appearance in the DiamondView. The pavilion fluoresced a strong blue, while the crown facets fluoresced a strong green-yellow. These contrasting areas were separated by a clear, sharp boundary between the pavilion and the crown/girdle facets.

The combined gemological and spectroscopic features recorded for this diamond proved it had been irradiated and annealed, with the table and crown facets facing the high-energy beam. Although the DiamondView is commonly used to separate natural from synthetic diamonds, this example demonstrates its power to quickly alert the gemologist to the possibility that the stone is treated.

                                    Article By:  

- Sally Chan and Paul Johnson
GIA Laboratory, New York

So, if you want to know exactly where your colored diamonds came from and whether or not their color was enhanced, chose a reputable fine jewelry designer like Etienne Perret. View Etienne's colored diamond designs at Etienne's photo album

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Etienne Perret in the Media

band, bridal, ceramic, color treated, colored diamonds, designer, diamond, engagement, etienne perret, fashion, gold, I. Gorman, jewelry, Jordan, mellee, pave, platinum, ring, wedding, zirconiaWe love it when respected members of the media and fine jewelry industry show their good taste by recognizing Etienne's work in their online publications! This week, industry leader, Fruchtman Jewelry Marketing Specialists ran an e-newsletter showing off the holiday Jewelry Wish List for each member of their prestigious team! While most of the men took the conservative route, sticking to various designer watches, it was a pleasant surprise when we found out that Fruchtman's VP of Client Services, Megan Meinerding's, holiday wish was an Etienne Perret design.


One of Etienne's newest designs, the 12mm "Canary Bezel" black Gem Ceramic engagement/fashion ring is truly something to drool over, so we understand Megan's desires! And it's on our personal wishlist here at Etienne's that Megan will get her Christmas wish! So, here's a shout out to whoever that special someone is in Megan's life...make the right decision and don't end up in the doghouse this holiday season!

You can view Etienne's complete Colored Diamond Ceramic Collection and much more on the Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry Facebook page!

The Incredible "Olympia Diamond Collection"

Michelle Graff, a friend and editor for the National Jeweler Magazine recently wrote an interesting blog post, "Afternoon at the Museum," on the incredible "Olympia Diamond Collection" showing at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. 

 Relating her visit to see these awe-inspiring gems to childhood memories of  fieldtrips to the museum, Michelle successfully draws readers into the lure and the splendor of these incredible gems! 


"So when approached by gemologist Joshua Sheby of New York-based Scarselli Diamonds Inc. about spending an afternoon in the museum's Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems, I naturally jumped at the chance."        -Michelle Graff


Enjoy this post by Michelle and her other articles on the 10X Blog


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Upcoming Colored Diamond Events

Greetings from Etienne Perret

We are checking in to let you know about some of colored diamond jewelry designer, Etienne Perret's upcoming events! So much of Etienne's work can be seen at his website and public facebook page, or at fine retail jewelry stores across the nation, but nothing compares to meeting the artist in person.
        Attend one of the following events in Lincolnville, Maine or Durham, NC to meet and work directly with Etienne to custom design the colored diamond jewelry that meets your exact specifications & wildest dreams!

Artfull Gifts at Point Lookout '09    (Nov 20-22)

A exceptional group of local artists will be gathering to show their finest works at Point Lookout in Licolnville, Maine this weekend, November 20-22.The eclectic collection of artistic disciplines--ranging from fine jewelry to pottery and woven goods--will be augmented by the gorgeous ocean views from atop Point Lookout.
point lookout post cardSeveral other renowned jewelers, including Michael Good will be showing here and the  intimate atmosphere will provide atendees an opportunity to chat with the artists personally. Don't miss your chance to combine a viewing of Maine's most talented artisans with a weekend getaway to scenic mid-coast Maine!

Hamilton Hill Jewelry Show
          (Dec 11-13)

Hamilton Hill Jewelers, in Durham, NC is one of the finest retail jewelry stores in the country and is well known for the extra effort they put into bringing together their loyal customers and featured jewelry designers.     At Hamilton Hill,  "trunk shows" are part of the schedule and allow customers the chance to meet personally with the artists & decide exactly what is right for them.

hamilton hill storefront

Etienne will have a special showing of his newest Colored Diamond and Gem Ceramic jewelry collections at Hamilton Hill, December 11-13. The highly personal and attentive atmosphere will provide another wonderful opportunity to meet with Etienne & discuss all of your options for custom designing the colored diamond bridal (or fashion) jewelry of your dreams!

Several other fine jewelry designers will be participating in this show. Visit the Hamilton Hill website for more details on hours of operation and 
artists attending.                                                  
                                             .hamilton hill logo

etienne loupe              

Nobody Treats Diamonds Better...

                            -Etienne Perret-
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Exciting New Designs

yellow starlight flat bands

A classic Etienne design, the flat starlight wedding band is an exceptionally stylish yet masculine mens' ring & is equally elegant for women. Originally created over 25 years ago using gold and white diamonds, this style has evolved to incorporate colored diamonds and the option for a bi-metal design. The matching pair of 8mm rings above were custom made in platinum & 18kt gold each with 1.70tcw of natural color cognac, yellow and white diamonds for loyal customers of I. Gorman Jewelers in Washington DC.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Be a Trendsetter with Colored Diamonds in Ceramic

As Etienne Perret's groundbreaking new Zirconia Ceramic Bridal Collection is met with unbounded support from the fine jewelry world, it's time that some fresh designs hit the streets!

Finding their way into exclusive high-end jewelry boutiques around the country, including I. Gorman in Washington DC and Hamilton Hill in Durham North Carolina, amongst many others, Etienne's newest ceramic wedding ring and commitment bands are incorporating exquisite natural colored and color treated natural diamonds into already stunning ceramic designs!

Be the star of the cocktail party or the envy of your friends with canary yellow diamonds starlight set in platinum encircling a black ceramic wedding band.

Or express the pureness of your love with a white ceramic commitment band, sprinkled with rainbow colored diamonds inlaid in 18kt yellow gold.

With so many exciting color combinations the possibilities are truly endless!

Work directly with the artist himself, Etienne Perret, to custom design your own fine bridal jewelry to your exact specifications! Create the wedding ring you always dreamed of at a much more affordable price by setting white or colored diamonds in durable Zirconia Ceramic.

Don't let yourself settle for a traditional gold or platinum ring if that's not what's in your heart. You can be refreshingly unique or you can be a trendsetter. Express yourself with Etienne's gorgeous colored diamond ceramic bridal designs! You won't regret it, as zirconia ceramic is as hard as sapphire and nearly impossible to crack or scratch!

Etienne Perret 8mm matte finish black ceramic wedding band with 18kt yellow gold stripe. View similar designs on Etienne's Facebook Album

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Celebrities Choose Etienne!

As more and more celebrities desire colored diamond jewelry it is very exciting to see what designers they choose to create their one of a kind jewelry.

Etienne Perret is known as a "Jewelers' Jeweler," because many successful jewelry designers and store owners opt to go with Etienne designs when buying jewelry for themselves and their loved ones. As the saying goes, it takes a craftsman to recognize fine craftsmanship!

While experienced with making jewelry for the most demanding consumers, Etienne was still caught by surprise when he was commissioned by the basketball legend, Michael Jordan, to create a series of platinum and color treated natural diamond pendants! One pendant was to be created for each of Michael Jordan's three children, using diamonds in the color of each child's birthstone, respectively. A final, master pendant would be made for Michael himself, set with diamonds in each of the colors his children possessed!

It was a resounding success. Here's a glimpse of the Jordan pendants!

Michael Jordan's Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Pendant

Teal colored diamond Etienne Perret Pendant for Jordan's Family

Yellow colored Etienne Perret Pendant for Jordan's family

Michael Jordan Wearing His Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Pendant

Colored Diamonds in the Media

Colored diamonds, while slow to reach the mainstream, are becoming increasingly popular in the media and are a must have within more fashionable circles. Numerous celebrities are opting for colored diamond engagement rings and even wedding bands instead of more traditional colorless stones. The result--breathtaking designs with stunningly colorful, yet durable center-stones!

It's a who's who list of celebrities that have chosen colored diamond engagement rings to showcase their love, not to mention their wealth!

Heidi Klum went with yellow... Jennifer Lopez chose pink:

While large natural colored diamonds are far to expensive for the average consumer, beautiful colored diamond jewelry is NOT out of your reach by any means. A small group of open-minded, talented designers have begun using color enhanced, natural diamonds in their bridal and fashion jewelry designs.

Etienne Perret has been custom designing and fabricating diamond jewelry for over thirty years and was one of the first artists to bring color enhanced, natural diamonds to the forefront of the jewelry world.

Using the color enhancement processes of irradiation or HTHP (high temperature, high pressure) on natural diamonds is a great way to ensure vibrant color in natural diamonds while maintaining a price-tag accessible the average American.

Check out and sign up for Etienne's Newsletter to learn more about color treated natural diamonds and work directly with Etienne to custom design your own, perfect colored diamond engagement or wedding ring!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recogning Good Taste

In a country with hundreds of bridal jewelry designers to chose from it's reassuring when respected critics recognize good taste and quality design! Recently, The Pink Ladies of the well known engagement planning website, The Pink decided that it was time to represent Etienne's designs in their Engagement Ring Blog! We are excited to see other websites showing an interest in Fine Colored Diamond Bridal Jewelry and thank The Pink Ladies for their support! Here's a copy of the post at The Pink Book Engagement Blog!

(The following text and photos is copied directly from and the property of . Thanks)

Extraordinary Rings

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
Why do engagement rings get to have all the fun? Who says your wedding ring has to be the boring one? Wedding rings are becoming more of a fashion statement all on their own! From celebrities like Brad Pitt designing their own custom rings, to high-powered working women who want a clean look to wear everyday, wedding bands are becoming the center of attention!

One designer whose work just blows me away is Etienne Perret. His pieces are so creative, so gorgeous, soooo stunning. You’re not just buying a piece of jewelry, it’s an investment in a piece of art. Some of these rings can even be worn as the engagement ring AND wedding ring like the triple curved channel band above.
This look is so multi-faceted; from contemporary to classic to traditional to unique, these awe-inspiring creations are the perfect symbol of your union as husband and wife. They’re sure to be pieces that you will love to wear every day, and someday pass down.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What Colors are Hip?

Did you know that there are certain trends regarding which hues of colored diamonds are most popular? Apparently, although not entirely surprisingly, the popularity of different colors of diamonds is correlated to a number of different factors such as function of the piece of colored diamond jewelry, season of the year and even the region it was purchased!

An interesting site, Diamond Maestro's Blog, has suggested that colored diamonds purchased for bridal jewelry are most commonly pink or yellow which is not surprising at all. More interestingly, fall diamond purchases are commonly in cooler champagne to cognac shades as opposed to brighter summer hues. Sales analysis even supports that metropolitan consumers favor the less common and more spectacular blues, greens and black diamonds as opposed to consumers from less urban environments!

Here at Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry we enjoy working with any and all shades of natural color and color treated natural diamonds! Our Engagement Ring Designs are available in not only yellow and pink, but with diamonds of any shade, from brilliant color treated blues and greens, to the warm earthy shades of champagne and cognac. Black diamonds are an especially popular choice in Etienne's Mens' Wedding Band designs. Another very popular Etienne design is the Rainbow Channel Band, encompassing all colors of the rainbow into one breathtaking wedding band/fashion ring!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Featured Colored Diamond Designs

Etienne Blue Ice Baguette Diamond Platinum Wedding Band

Another breathtaking Etienne design, the "Blue Ice" diamond channel wedding band captures something no other band could attempt. While pictures only partially express the deeply spiritual essence of the "Blue Ice," we can personally tell you that this platinum band, set with ice blue colored baguette cut diamonds is the definition of high fashion.

View above photo on Etienne's Facebook Photo Album!

For Etienne Perret High Fashion Means Colored Diamonds!

With a passion for colored diamonds, Etienne Perret designs and fabricates the finest platinum and 18kt gold jewelry for the discriminating customer. Working from his bench in the beautiful seaside village of Camden, Maine Etienne creates timeless handmade pieces of art, custom made to your exact specifications and wildest dreams!

jewelry image of Etienne's Square-Tapered Channel Band is a geometrical masterpiece, demonstrating porportional excellence to create a truly memorable wedding ring design. Channel set diamonds--cognac, champagne or and any color of the rainbow you desire can be used in you own custom made platinum or 18kt gold wedding band! Perfect for a man or a woman!

Etienne Square-Tapered Cognac Diamond Channel Band

Etienne's Square-Tapered Channel Band is a geometrical masterpiece, demonstrating proportional excellence to create a truly memorable wedding ring design. Channel set diamonds--cognac, champagne or and any color of the rainbow you desire can be used in you own custom made platinum or 18kt gold wedding band! Perfect for a man or a woman!

View above photo on Etienne's Facebook Photo Album!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chocolate Diamonds Forever

Although fine jewelry designer Etienne Perret spends a great deal of his time fabricating timeless colored diamond jewelry in platinum and 18kt gold, he lives by the rule that a successful artist must stay in touch with the times and up to date with whats new in the industry! Researching the latest trends in high fashion, fine jewelry style and industry technology can be a tricky business but it's worth it when you come across a resource like Chocolate Diamonds Forever.
Chocolate Diamonds Forever is a blog and informational site developed by Kenner Beckley, a talented poet and visual artist from Appalachia. Designed to promote and dispense information about its namesake to the general public, this site is a great place to learn more about the exciting world of brown colored diamonds, from their creation to their history and even who's wearing them today!

Learn more about Kenner Beckley's career as a poet and photographer and his latest book, HillSadow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Etienne's Exciting New Ceramic Bridal Jewelry Collection

On the Cutting-Edge of Fashion

Etienne has been concentrating on his dynamic and exciting new collection of high-end Ceramic Bridal Jewelry. A perfect alternative to traditional gold or platinum wedding bands, ceramic wedding/commitment bands can be custom made in a variety of colors, designs, widths, and finishes and can be set with diamonds of any color or inlaid with platinum or 18kt gold! Etienne is also currently developing several brand-new ceramic "Fashion Ring" designs! Read on to learn more about this interesting new style!...

Etienne's Upcoming Events

boats and harbors
Etienne is excited to take a break from the hectic pace of major jewelry industry shows to display his art at the Maine Boats and Harbors Show in the scenic coastal town of Rockland, Maine. If your in the Northeast, take this chance to see Etienne's designs and spend a relaxing weekend breathing sea-air and experiencing what talented local Maine artists have to offer!

Etienne's Ceramic Jewelry

ceramic pink 10mmEtienne is introducing the fine jewelry industry to Ceramic Bridal Jewelry! Unlike conventional ceramics, micro-crystaline zirconium ceramic is extremely durable and with hardness rating similar to sapphire it's virtually shatterproof! Developed as a temperature resistant material for high-tech industrial uses such as jet engines and popularized by its use as kitchen knives, Etienne is one of the first jewelers to recognize the potential for Zirconia Ceramic in fine jewelry design. A perfect alternative to traditional gold
or platinum bridal jewelry, choose one of Etienne's
ceramicplatpolka stylish new ceramic wedding or commitment band designs and you will be the envy of your friends! Handsome black ceramic bands with or without diamonds or inlaid precious metals are well-suited for men searching for a more masculine look. Additionally, these rings are UNSCRATCHABLE by anything other than diamond tools (even steel can't blemish them) making them priceless for people who work in an environment that's rough on jewelry!
Work directly with Etienne to custom design your own, one of a kind Ceramic wedding/commitment band starting for less than $200!

Featured Ceramic Designs


An elegant engagement / wedding ring combination or a stunning fashion ring. Either way this brand-new design is a winner. A brilliant 3/4ct white diamond is set in this "Low Halo" platinum ring, encircled by channel set diamonds and flanked by two 6mm black ceramic bands!


A staple of Etienne's Ceramic Bridal Jewelry collection, the matte-finish black ceramic wedding band with starlight set white diamonds gives an exciting twist to a classic Etienne design. Available in any width with white or colored diamonds set in 18kt gold or platinum.

See more Ceramic Jewelry designs on Etienne's Ceramic Jewelry Facebook album.

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obody Treats Diamonds Better...
- Etienne Perret -

Friday, April 3, 2009

Colored Diamond Blog Founder Etienne Perret Introduces Newsletter!

Founder of Colored Diamond Blog, Etienne Perret, would like to share his exciting new Colored Diamond Jewelry Newsletter to anybody interested! This semi-monthly informational email developed with Constant Contact is a wonderful resource, allowing readers access to the newest trends in the colored diamond industry and the first look at many innovative new designs! Centering on Etienne's award winning colored natural diamond designs, this Newsletter follows the life and work of a highly respected and successful fine jewelry designer.

Sign up today and stay up to date with the exciting and glamorous world of Colored Diamond Jewelry. Know when Etienne will make an appearance in a city near you! Be the first to see Etienne's newest colored Natural Diamond collections!

Shown above: Blue colored diamond 18kt yellow gold double loop fashion and engagement ring with continuous white diamond pave channel. (

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nadia Engagement Ring

This is the classic Etienne Perret Nadia ring set with a 1.20ct color treated canary yellow diamond in the center and 36 pave' set fine white G color VS clarity diamonds for a total diamond weight of 1.70ct.
The Nadia engagement ring can be made in 18kt yellow, rose or white gold as well as platinum. You can choose the color of the center diamond from a wide range of natural color diamonds or treated colors in sizes from .50ct up to 5.00ct. Price really depends on the size and color of the center diamond, the metal of your choice and how many side diamonds you decide on.

Diamond Irradiation

What colors can be produced by diamond irradiation?

Blue, green and yellow are the most popular colors produced using the irradiation process. Orange, red and purple/pink colors are also possible which are more difficult to produce.

Are Irradiated diamonds safe/radiation free?

Yes, absolutely! I recommend that you look for diamonds that have been processed in the United States where laboratories adher to strict safety standards and government regulations. Diamonds colored in the USA are 100% radiation free.

How stable is color produced by the electron bombardment process EBT process?

The color changes produced in diamonds by the irradiation process are irreversible. The color is stable and permanent under normal wear and tear. The color is not affected by chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaning, polishing or heating up to 1000°F. Yellow, orange, red and pink colored diamonds are unaffected by heat even over 1000°F. Blue and green colors may fade when the diamond is heated over 1000°F. Special care of colored diamonds should be taken when resizing a ring or some jewelry repairs. Avoid exposing diamond to jewelers torch which may heat diamond to over 1000° F.

What type of diamonds are suitable for this process?

Any diamond with transparency irrespective of its original color and clarity can be processed using this process. Our recommended labs can suggest which color is most suitable for a particular diamond after visual and chemical analysis in the lab. In general, white diamond can be processed to any of blue, green or yellow colors. We recommend blue or green colors for diamonds that originally has a slight brownish color tone or black inclusions as this can mask the the original undesired color or inclusions. Diamonds with yellow tone can be processed to yellow color if it has no fluorescence or to green or greenish yellow color if the diamond shows fluorescence.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds are the most exotic, fashionable and alluring of natural colored diamonds. With soft, radiant tones, and exquisite shades from light champagne to deep, rich cognac and brown, champagne diamonds radiate natural warmth, sophistication and beauty that make them the perfect accompaniment to one’s personal style.

The soft palettes of champagne diamonds create perfect fashion complements to white diamonds and other pieces of fine jewelry. Whatever mood you’re in -- demur or dramatic -- champagne diamonds are perfect for any time of day or night, any season of the year. Show off your individuality and natural style with sparkling champagne diamonds.
Champagne diamonds have caught the eye of lovers of fine jewelry and inspired the world’s leading jewelry designers with their glamor, color and versatility. Royalty and celebrities are captivated by the stunning and contemporary beauty of champagne diamonds. The walk up the red carpet is as much a showcase of sparkling natural colored champagnes diamonds as a who’s who of the silver screen.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds
Probably at the top of the average woman's list of "good things" are chocolate and diamonds, but what about when these two are combined. Ever hear of chocolate diamonds? Like many colored diamonds these days, brown diamonds aka chocolate diamonds are starting to gain in popularity. They look especially well when set in white gold or platinum I think.

Unrivalled by Other Gems

The strongest point of colored diamonds is just that – they’re diamonds. Their strength and durability can’t be matched by other stones. They’re available in sizes as small as 1mm, making them an ideal alternative to non-durable colored stones in smaller sizes. But their unique beauty lies in the fact that they can combine any color with that unforgettable brilliance of a diamond.

For instance, a sapphire is blue and certainly beautiful in its own right, but it can’t match the magical brilliance of a blue diamond.

Color Enhanced Diamonds

Color enhanced diamonds have become very popular as jewelers and designers have realized the potential of their beautiful colors, availability and affordability. Color enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds that have undergone coloring procedures.

The wide range of rich colors has enabled jewelry manufactures around the world the opportunity to offer their customers fancy colored diamonds at an affordable price in a broad range of designs.

Color enhanced diamonds, just like many other treated gemstones are universally accepted. However, it is important for the seller to disclose that the diamond being sold has been treated. Federal Trade Commission guidelines require disclosure of gemstone treatments at every level of the trade.

Finally up!

I'm so glad to see the Colored Diamonds blog is finally up! It is so exciting to follow your amazing work and I'm sure that all the colored diamond info you will share to us readers will be highly educational! So happy to follow this blog! Thank you Etienne...

Orange Colored Diamond Tendril Ring

I have created many engagement ring designs using color treated diamonds. This one here is one of my favorites. The ideal cut modern brilliant diamond weighing 1.57ct. is set in a swirling pave' set ring shank that spirals around the diamond and finger. Through heat and pressure we have been able to create one of the most intense orange colored diamonds I have ever seen.

One Must Begin Somewhere

For 25 years I been creating jewelry set with colored diamonds. It is my hope that with this blog I will be able to share my enthusiasm for diamonds of color with you. Diamonds mined from the ground can be found in almost any color of the rainbow, however natural color diamonds are rare, in some colors exceedingly rare, and therefore very expensive. Today through the use of modern technology we can permanently alter the color of diamonds. This gives you color in addition to the durability and brilliance diamonds have always been known for.