Thursday, January 7, 2010

Etienne's Featured Colored Diamond Ceramic Designs

pink ceramic purple diamonds gabriner

Etienne enjoys the freedom to create wonderful color combinations in ceramic! This12mm Pink Ceramic ring is strikingly complimented by purple diamonds starlight set in 18kt yellow gold. Imagine the fashion implications! Don't show this to your daughters!

wider gabriner white ceramic colored

This 8mm White Ceramic commitment band, displaying a rainbow of colored diamonds starlight set in 18kt yellow gold, is yet another manifestation of Etienne's create spirit, let loose thanks to the many colors available in ceramic!

black ceramic diamond bangel bigger

Etienne has been so impressed with the durability of zirconia ceramic that it has given him inspiration to develop his newest collection. Etienne's ceramic bangle bracelets are a testament to the versatility of this exciting new medium!
This glamorous 10mm Black Ceramic Bangle, with a brilliant row of white diamonds bead set in inlaid 18kt white gold, exudes fashion appeal!

Etienne is now offering all Ceramic Collection ring designs in various widths, using black, white, pink, brown or blue ceramic, although we believe that many of the designs are much more appealing in the traditional black. Rings can have a polished or matte-finish and may be inlaid with yellow, white or rose 18kt gold.

A testament to Etienne's desire to custom design every piece to his consumer's exact specifications, you may choose the exact number, size and color of diamonds you desire.

While we believe that color enhanced natural diamonds are equally precious and far more versatile than natural colored diamonds, it pays to be an educated consumer! It is the moral obligation of jewelers to disclose all information about the origin of a diamond, including if it has undergone color enhancement treatments.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Newsletter Just Out!

Etienne just sent out the newest Colored Diamond Jewelry newsletter. It showcases several of Etienne's newest ceramic designs and teaches the reader about the different innovative techniques the designer has developed in order to set diamonds in ceramic! 

Etienne is offering a 10% discount on any RETAIL purchase from his Ceramic Collection to anyone who already receives or signs up now for the Colored Diamond Jewelry newsletter. We also ask that you help spread the word by forwarding Etienne's newsletter anyone you believe would be interested in Etienne's Jewelry!

Offer Expires: Valentine's Day, February 14, 2010


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Colored Diamonds & Ceramic: A Beautiful Marriage

cut canary bezel ceramic gabrinerEtienne has been busy this  Christmas season exploring the versatility of Zirconia Ceramic, which is as hard as sapphire and virtually scratch and shatterproof. It is a perfect alternative to traditional gold and platinum for both Bridal and fashion ring designs.

Most importantly, Etienne has developed several innovative techniques to set ceramic rings with Colored Diamonds, the Designer's signature gemstone.  These techniques can produce notably different styles, geared towards different applications such as engagement rings, wedding bands or fashion rings. One factor that each style has in common is the presence of 18kt gold or platinum, because it is not possible to set gemstones directly into the ceramic itself.

The ring shown above is an engagement design, proudly displaying a single 1ct canary yellow diamond in an 18kt white gold bezel setting. The impressive, 12mm black  ceramic band is drilled and a sturdy gold bezel setting fitted snugly into the tapered hole. The bezel setting rises above the ceramic, providing a stunning engagement ring mount!

black ceramic colored diamonds gabriner  The second technique is an 
 ingenious variation on  
 Etienne's most classic and
 successful setting method--
 Starlight Flush-Setting--
 what the designer refers to
 as "his bread and butter." To
 flush set diamonds in
 ceramic, holes are drilled
 and fitted with hollow gold or
 platinum tubes. Diamonds
 are then masterfully
 burnished into place just below the crown of the metal for a sleek and functional look that avoids any snagging on clothes or other objects.
The final product is a stunning wedding band, such as this 8mm black ceramic band with a rainbow of colored diamonds starlight set in 18kt yellow gold.

black ceramic bead set diamond stripeEtienne's third clever technique for uniting diamonds and ceramic is seen in this 8mm black ceramic wedding band, encircled by a dazzling row of fine white diamonds. The diamonds are bead set in a band of platinum, which wraps around the ceramic ring, snugly filling a pre-caste center groove. The results speak for themselves!

But don't fret--if marriage isn't part of your plans in the near future, or you've already made the plunge, you still have every chance to own one of these beautiful colored diamond and ceramic rings. Work with Etienne  to custom design your perfect ring, all in the name of Fashion!

So Many Alternatives

ceramic black multicolor polka dot
While it's true that Etienne greatly enjoys working with colored diamonds, a designer must understand that diamonds are neither part of everybody's taste, nor within everybody's budget.
Fortunately, Etienne is offering a growing number of diamond-less alternatives  in his Ceramic Collection. Some of these new designs are refreshingly playful, others are strikingly elegant, and all are creative and unique!

ceramicgoldstripIf you really want to make a statement, choose a Ceramic Polka-Dot ring, like the 6mm black version above, playfully inlaid with 18kt yellow, white and rose gold circles!

Another stylishly masculine wedding ring design is Etienne's Gold Stripe Ceramic band. A thick layer of inlaid 18kt gold encircles this 8mm black ceramic matte-finished band.

If you prefer to avoid precious metals completely, there are a wide range of other designs to choose from in Etienne's Ceramic Collection. One style is the Beveled Edge Ceramic ring, shown in the logo above. Other styles include Faceted Ceramic rings that resemble a shimmering gemstone!

A full range of Ceramic ring designs can be viewed at the Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry page on Facebook, where you can become a fan!