Friday, April 16, 2010

View Etienne's Colored Diamond Designs At His Favorite Fine Retail Jewelry Stores

We are well aware that many fans and proud owners of Etienne's fine jewelry designs are not members of the jewelry trade, nor are the jewelry shows that Etienne attends always in your own backyard. We respect that, and do our best to provide you with a nearby retail venue where you can view Etienne's jewelry and work with helpful staff to custom design that perfect ring!

We would like to take a moment to introduce you to a few of our Nation's favorite fine jewelry stores, where a wide selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic and colored diamond bridal jewelry is available to you. We are happy to personally vouch for the quality of service and integrity offered by each of these fine retailers!

I. Gorman Jewelers

Located in downtown Washington DC, I. Gorman's is widely recognized as having the best customer service of any jewelry store in the USA. If you think we are exaggerating, please check out the reviews they have received on Yelp.

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 design jewelry
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 world's finest designers. If you live in the DC area, do yourselves a favor and drop in to explore their vast selection of Etienne Perret bridal jewelry!

Hamilton Hill Jewelry

hamilton hill storefront 
resizedLocated in downtown Durham, NC, Hamilton Hill is another of the nation's top fine jewelry stores. With a wide range of jewelry of various styles, including the third largest collection of Etienne's designs, they combine extensive selection and first class customer service to offer a wonderful shopping experience for every buyer.

Stuart Moore

Well known for their exceptional selection of contemporary bridal and fashion jewelry, Stuart Moore has recently fallen in love with Etienne's Gem Ceramic and decided that none of his galleries would be complete without it! Etienne is currently developing cutting edge selection of his Gem Ceramic designs to be sold in Stuart Moore's Soho NYC, Newport Beach and San Francisco, California locations!

Servis & Taylor

Servis & Taylor is a longstanding jewelry store located in west Los Angeles, California. Also well known for their eco friendly jewelry policies, they carry a solid selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection and always welcome custom orders.

Studio Vincent

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Studio Vincent offers the best selection of high end, contemporary jewelry by the finest designers. They specialize in bridal jewelry and have a fine selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection.

Salon Etienne

If you are in New England, you may want to fill your gas tank and head up the coast to visit Etienne's private studio and workshop in Camden, Maine. Nowhere else can you find a better selection of Gem Ceramic and colored diamond bridal and fashion jewelry! We are located a stones throw from the ocean, in a world renowned coastal tourist destination, so if you need an excuse for a weekend getaway, here it is! Contact Etienne for an appointment.

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