Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Etienne's Natural Color Diamond Wedding Ring Designs Praised by the Natural Color Diamond Association

The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is the world's leading authority on natural color diamonds. As an international trade organization dedicated to increasing awareness of color as a unique and valuable attribute in diamonds, they have long had the full repect and attention of colored diamond jewelry designer, Etienne Perret.

It's always a special honor, when NCDIA's executive director, Robert Lucien May, chooses to feature Etienne's natural color diamond designs on their websites.Yesterday they spotlighted Etienne's natural color diamond Triple Row Pave wedding bands on the NCDIA Facebook page.  

Three immaculate rows of pave set, natural color diamonds encircle these Etienne Perret wedding bands. Featuring yellow, white and pink natural color diamonds set in yellow, white and rose 18kt gold, respectively. These rings are available custom designed in various widths in 18kt gold or platinum, set with two to four rows of your choice of natural color or color enhanced natural diamonds, in nearly any color of the rainbow!

NCDIA is always the first to share the news about the world of large, high profile natural color diamonds (which are often more likely to take up the spotlight), but it shows the dedication to detail of their organization when they take the time to highlight the unique designs of talented independent designers such as Etienne Perret.


  1. Beautiful ring hoping to find more collection on your post. :)

  2. you can find Etienne's comlete collections at:

    or visit his primary website at:

  3. Colored diamonds look very nice...bright and beautiful.I love the bluish tint which looks very colorful and gorgeous.