Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recogning Good Taste

In a country with hundreds of bridal jewelry designers to chose from it's reassuring when respected critics recognize good taste and quality design! Recently, The Pink Ladies of the well known engagement planning website, The Pink Book.com decided that it was time to represent Etienne's designs in their Engagement Ring Blog! We are excited to see other websites showing an interest in Fine Colored Diamond Bridal Jewelry and thank The Pink Ladies for their support! Here's a copy of the post at The Pink Book Engagement Blog!

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Extraordinary Rings

Thursday, February 28th, 2008
Why do engagement rings get to have all the fun? Who says your wedding ring has to be the boring one? Wedding rings are becoming more of a fashion statement all on their own! From celebrities like Brad Pitt designing their own custom rings, to high-powered working women who want a clean look to wear everyday, wedding bands are becoming the center of attention!

One designer whose work just blows me away is Etienne Perret. His pieces are so creative, so gorgeous, soooo stunning. You’re not just buying a piece of jewelry, it’s an investment in a piece of art. Some of these rings can even be worn as the engagement ring AND wedding ring like the triple curved channel band above.
This look is so multi-faceted; from contemporary to classic to traditional to unique, these awe-inspiring creations are the perfect symbol of your union as husband and wife. They’re sure to be pieces that you will love to wear every day, and someday pass down.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What Colors are Hip?

Did you know that there are certain trends regarding which hues of colored diamonds are most popular? Apparently, although not entirely surprisingly, the popularity of different colors of diamonds is correlated to a number of different factors such as function of the piece of colored diamond jewelry, season of the year and even the region it was purchased!

An interesting site, Diamond Maestro's Blog, has suggested that colored diamonds purchased for bridal jewelry are most commonly pink or yellow which is not surprising at all. More interestingly, fall diamond purchases are commonly in cooler champagne to cognac shades as opposed to brighter summer hues. Sales analysis even supports that metropolitan consumers favor the less common and more spectacular blues, greens and black diamonds as opposed to consumers from less urban environments!

Here at Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry we enjoy working with any and all shades of natural color and color treated natural diamonds! Our Engagement Ring Designs are available in not only yellow and pink, but with diamonds of any shade, from brilliant color treated blues and greens, to the warm earthy shades of champagne and cognac. Black diamonds are an especially popular choice in Etienne's Mens' Wedding Band designs. Another very popular Etienne design is the Rainbow Channel Band, encompassing all colors of the rainbow into one breathtaking wedding band/fashion ring!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Featured Colored Diamond Designs

Etienne Blue Ice Baguette Diamond Platinum Wedding Band

Another breathtaking Etienne design, the "Blue Ice" diamond channel wedding band captures something no other band could attempt. While pictures only partially express the deeply spiritual essence of the "Blue Ice," we can personally tell you that this platinum band, set with ice blue colored baguette cut diamonds is the definition of high fashion.

View above photo on Etienne's Facebook Photo Album!

For Etienne Perret High Fashion Means Colored Diamonds!

With a passion for colored diamonds, Etienne Perret designs and fabricates the finest platinum and 18kt gold jewelry for the discriminating customer. Working from his bench in the beautiful seaside village of Camden, Maine Etienne creates timeless handmade pieces of art, custom made to your exact specifications and wildest dreams!

jewelry image of Etienne's Square-Tapered Channel Band is a geometrical masterpiece, demonstrating porportional excellence to create a truly memorable wedding ring design. Channel set diamonds--cognac, champagne or and any color of the rainbow you desire can be used in you own custom made platinum or 18kt gold wedding band! Perfect for a man or a woman!

Etienne Square-Tapered Cognac Diamond Channel Band

Etienne's Square-Tapered Channel Band is a geometrical masterpiece, demonstrating proportional excellence to create a truly memorable wedding ring design. Channel set diamonds--cognac, champagne or and any color of the rainbow you desire can be used in you own custom made platinum or 18kt gold wedding band! Perfect for a man or a woman!

View above photo on Etienne's Facebook Photo Album!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chocolate Diamonds Forever

Although fine jewelry designer Etienne Perret spends a great deal of his time fabricating timeless colored diamond jewelry in platinum and 18kt gold, he lives by the rule that a successful artist must stay in touch with the times and up to date with whats new in the industry! Researching the latest trends in high fashion, fine jewelry style and industry technology can be a tricky business but it's worth it when you come across a resource like Chocolate Diamonds Forever.
Chocolate Diamonds Forever is a blog and informational site developed by Kenner Beckley, a talented poet and visual artist from Appalachia. Designed to promote and dispense information about its namesake to the general public, this site is a great place to learn more about the exciting world of brown colored diamonds, from their creation to their history and even who's wearing them today!

Learn more about Kenner Beckley's career as a poet and photographer and his latest book, HillSadow.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Etienne's Exciting New Ceramic Bridal Jewelry Collection

On the Cutting-Edge of Fashion

Etienne has been concentrating on his dynamic and exciting new collection of high-end Ceramic Bridal Jewelry. A perfect alternative to traditional gold or platinum wedding bands, ceramic wedding/commitment bands can be custom made in a variety of colors, designs, widths, and finishes and can be set with diamonds of any color or inlaid with platinum or 18kt gold! Etienne is also currently developing several brand-new ceramic "Fashion Ring" designs! Read on to learn more about this interesting new style!...

Etienne's Upcoming Events

boats and harbors
Etienne is excited to take a break from the hectic pace of major jewelry industry shows to display his art at the Maine Boats and Harbors Show in the scenic coastal town of Rockland, Maine. If your in the Northeast, take this chance to see Etienne's designs and spend a relaxing weekend breathing sea-air and experiencing what talented local Maine artists have to offer!

Etienne's Ceramic Jewelry

ceramic pink 10mmEtienne is introducing the fine jewelry industry to Ceramic Bridal Jewelry! Unlike conventional ceramics, micro-crystaline zirconium ceramic is extremely durable and with hardness rating similar to sapphire it's virtually shatterproof! Developed as a temperature resistant material for high-tech industrial uses such as jet engines and popularized by its use as kitchen knives, Etienne is one of the first jewelers to recognize the potential for Zirconia Ceramic in fine jewelry design. A perfect alternative to traditional gold
or platinum bridal jewelry, choose one of Etienne's
ceramicplatpolka stylish new ceramic wedding or commitment band designs and you will be the envy of your friends! Handsome black ceramic bands with or without diamonds or inlaid precious metals are well-suited for men searching for a more masculine look. Additionally, these rings are UNSCRATCHABLE by anything other than diamond tools (even steel can't blemish them) making them priceless for people who work in an environment that's rough on jewelry!
Work directly with Etienne to custom design your own, one of a kind Ceramic wedding/commitment band starting for less than $200!

Featured Ceramic Designs


An elegant engagement / wedding ring combination or a stunning fashion ring. Either way this brand-new design is a winner. A brilliant 3/4ct white diamond is set in this "Low Halo" platinum ring, encircled by channel set diamonds and flanked by two 6mm black ceramic bands!


A staple of Etienne's Ceramic Bridal Jewelry collection, the matte-finish black ceramic wedding band with starlight set white diamonds gives an exciting twist to a classic Etienne design. Available in any width with white or colored diamonds set in 18kt gold or platinum.

See more Ceramic Jewelry designs on Etienne's Ceramic Jewelry Facebook album.

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