Friday, May 28, 2010

Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry Exhibits at Niche: the Show, Las Vegas


While Etienne has exhibited at the JCK jewelry show in Las Vegas on many occasions in the past, this year he has decided to try his hand at something totally fresh!

Niche: the Show is a brand new event, making its debut at Bally's Las Vegas Convention Center, June 6-8. Etienne is excited to share his innovative new Gem Ceramic collection & colored diamond jewelry designs with you at booth # 2302.

bally's outside  Niche will offer an exclusive
 collection of artists and
 designers presenting the
 finest handcrafted jewelry,
 glass, ceramic and wooden
 objects to retailers from
 across the globe. Presented 
 by the Buyers Market of
 American Craft, you can
 expect quality craftsmanship
 and exquisite design by the
 most talented artisans in the
 United States and Canada.

At the forefront of fine jewelry design for decades, Etienne Perret has once again found a way to breathe fresh air into the bridal jewelry world! Etienne's innovative new Gem Ceramic Bridal collection is the answer the market has been waiting for. Hi-tech ceramic as hard as sapphire--combining durability & style--is the perfect, affordable alternative to traditional precious metal designs. Inlaid with 18kt gold or set with diamonds in any color of the rainbow, Gem Ceramic is Stunning! Visit Etienne at booth #2302 & enter our iPad giveaway!

Please note that Niche: the Show is a wholesale event & only registered members the jewelry industry will be permitted. Make sure that you fit all the requirements before you consider visiting Etienne at this venue. If you do not, contact Etienne to arrange another opportunity to view his wonderful designs!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry & the Natural Color Diamond Association's iPad Giveaway!

It has taken decades--38 years to be exact--for Etienne to develop his vast portfolio of fine jewelry designs & seasoned wisdom of the jewelry industry. It is this experience that has given Etienne such a talent for creating timeless designs of unmatched beauty, as well as gaining the utmost respect amongst both his customers and fellow artisans.

As times change & traditional means of marketing become obsolete, we must look ahead and take advantage of the revolutionary new technologies that now offer us the chance to spread knowledge across the globe in the blink of an eye!

Etienne has embraced such opportunities & would like to share his Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry Facebook page with all of you! Packed with useful information, our page is regularly updated with new collections & upcoming events, as well as boasting the largest image database of Etienne's designs on the web!

fb screen

If that's not enough to convince you to check out Etienne's page, consider this......We want you to be the winner of a new iPad!

Etienne has teamed up with the Natural Color Diamond Association to give away an iPad to one of our loyal fans. That's right, iPad's are all the rage and we have one with your name on it!

ipadAll you need to do to qualify  for the drawing is follow the links below and make sure you "like" both Etienne's & the NCDIA's FB pages!

Anybody who "likes" both Facebook pages will be automatically entered in the iPad drawing, to take place on June 20, 2010. The lucky winner will be announced on Facebook! Read more about this sweet opportunity on our blog!

If you're not yet familiar with it, "the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is the world's leading authority on natural color diamonds. Dedicated to increasing awareness of color as a unique and valuable attribute in diamonds."

They are a wonderful resource for anyone interested in fine things and a great place to see some of the most spectacular natural color diamonds in the world!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Etienne Perret's Colored Diamond Engagement Designs Featured in Brides Magazine

It's always exciting when we get editorial coverage in major industry magazines and Brides is certainly no exception!

Etienne is proud to have a selection of his beautiful natural color and color enhanced natural diamond engagement ring designs featured in Brides magazine, January 2010 print edition. I guess this year Artsy is in and Etienne is in good company with the other designers represented, including Daniel K and Penny Preville.

Shown above are (above): Etienne's Olivia engagement ring with bright blue color enhanced natural diamond bezel set in platinum and 18kt yellow gold; (below): Etienne's Cindy engagement ring with natural color champagne in 18kt white gold.

But with this year's emphasis on colored gemstones, Etienne stands out amongst the crowd by being one of the few designers creating innovative and glamorous bridal jewelry featuring both natural color and color enhanced natural diamonds. Whether set in traditional precious metals or our hi-tech new Gem Ceramic, Etienne's colored diamond designs are on the cutting edge of fine bridal design.

Stick with natural color diamonds, or enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the intense colors of a sapphire or emerald with the brilliance and durability of a diamond, by choosing color enhanced natural diamonds. Etienne is at the forefront of this exciting new market, creating custom designed jewelry with diamonds in any color of the rainbow!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Outstanding Characteristics of Gem Ceramic Explored: An Editors Point of View

As I mentioned before, we are very excited about the effort Tricia Spencer, the wedding planning feature writer for, choose to give to Etienne's Gem Ceramic collection. Her series of three editorial articles offer an outstanding overviews on fine jewelry designer Etienne Perret, the wonderful potential of his Gem Ceramic bridal collection, and all the nitty gritty about Gem Ceramic care and maintenance.

I promised that I would come back to this subject and include some useful and exciting information quoted out of Tricia's articles, so here you go...

Tricia's Take on Fine Jewelry Designer, Etienne Perret (quoted from Suite101):

Ceramic Wedding Rings by Etienne Perret

"Zirconia ceramic wedding rings are making a splash in the world of wedding ring design, and Etienne Perret’s designs are on the cutting edge of this intriguing fashion trend. His designs are featured at exclusive jewelry retailers, yet he still sits at his jeweler’s bench every day to breathe life into the cultured designs in his jewelry collection." the full article by Tricia Spencer at


"Etienne Perret’s signature mantra is: “Nobody Treats Diamonds Better.” This visionary designer helped set the standard for precious metal and diamond jewelry design and now incorporates his unique diamond stylings into a new medium—ceramic jewelry." the full article by Tricia Spencer at

He was inspired by the scratch-resistant ceramic found in Swiss Rado watches, but it took decades for that inspiration to translate into the ceramic wedding rings and other ceramic jewelry he now features in his collection. He states, “Over 25 years ago I saw the Rado watches. They got me to thinking about ceramic jewelry, but it was not until about 5 years ago that I actually connected with a partner that helps me manufacture the pieces.” the full article by Tricia Spencer at

"Mr. Perret remains hands on in the creation of his collection and even makes himself personally available to brides and grooms who wish to create custom wedding rings and share insights into ceramic designs. His soft spot for wedding couples means he will confer with them virtually any day of the week. When asked what brides and grooms should know about him, he responded, “They should know I will personally see that their rings are made they way they want them, and I offer a full guarantee on all Gem Ceramic designs. I’m a real person they can speak to, and I will take the wishes they have imagined and create rings they will love.” the full article by Tricia Spencer at

"That he has lent his inventive creative skills to ceramic wedding rings is a boon for wedding couples. Unique wedding ring choices have entered a new era, and with a wide price range for ceramic rings, customizing wedding bands is now a possibility for all brides and grooms." the full article by Tricia Spencer at

         Credit Author: Tricia Spencer,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Etienne's Natural Color Diamond Wedding Ring Designs Praised by the Natural Color Diamond Association

The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is the world's leading authority on natural color diamonds. As an international trade organization dedicated to increasing awareness of color as a unique and valuable attribute in diamonds, they have long had the full repect and attention of colored diamond jewelry designer, Etienne Perret.

It's always a special honor, when NCDIA's executive director, Robert Lucien May, chooses to feature Etienne's natural color diamond designs on their websites.Yesterday they spotlighted Etienne's natural color diamond Triple Row Pave wedding bands on the NCDIA Facebook page.  

Three immaculate rows of pave set, natural color diamonds encircle these Etienne Perret wedding bands. Featuring yellow, white and pink natural color diamonds set in yellow, white and rose 18kt gold, respectively. These rings are available custom designed in various widths in 18kt gold or platinum, set with two to four rows of your choice of natural color or color enhanced natural diamonds, in nearly any color of the rainbow!

NCDIA is always the first to share the news about the world of large, high profile natural color diamonds (which are often more likely to take up the spotlight), but it shows the dedication to detail of their organization when they take the time to highlight the unique designs of talented independent designers such as Etienne Perret.

Etienne & His Gem Ceramic Collection Receive Major Editorial Coverage

We were very happy to see the newest editorial coverage of Etienne's increasingly popular Gem Ceramic collection get blasted across the web last week! Many online voices have made it clear they gave Etienne's newest project a big thumbs up, but rarely are we fortunate enough to get such thorough coverage by so talented an author.

Tricia Spencer lives in Southern California and has been consistently recognized for her excellence as an author of both both short stories and more journalistic pursuits! You can see a full list of her accomplishments on her website, but we are here to talk to you about her latest compilation of articles on

Tricia came across Etienne's Gem Ceramic designs on the web, while researching leads for her position as Wedding Planning feature writer at Suite101. As Etienne had realized several years back, it turns out that Gem Ceramic, created from ultra durable zirconia ceramic, is just about the best new alternative to traditional precious metal bridal jewelry and Tricia felt that her loyal readers and the general public deserve a chance to get the full scoop!

Concentrating on the impressive durability, uniqueness and potential for custom design, and the more affordable nature of zirconia ceramic, Tricia has laid out all the facts for you in a series of three articles covering Etienne Perret, the wonderful potential of his Gem Ceramic bridal collection, and all the nitty gritty about Gem Ceramic care and maintenence.

Stay tuned for more info and exciting excerpts from Tricia articles here on Etienne's blog and make sure to check out Tricia's other work!