Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Etienne & His Gem Ceramic Collection Receive Major Editorial Coverage

We were very happy to see the newest editorial coverage of Etienne's increasingly popular Gem Ceramic collection get blasted across the web last week! Many online voices have made it clear they gave Etienne's newest project a big thumbs up, but rarely are we fortunate enough to get such thorough coverage by so talented an author.

Tricia Spencer lives in Southern California and has been consistently recognized for her excellence as an author of both both short stories and more journalistic pursuits! You can see a full list of her accomplishments on her website, but we are here to talk to you about her latest compilation of articles on

Tricia came across Etienne's Gem Ceramic designs on the web, while researching leads for her position as Wedding Planning feature writer at Suite101. As Etienne had realized several years back, it turns out that Gem Ceramic, created from ultra durable zirconia ceramic, is just about the best new alternative to traditional precious metal bridal jewelry and Tricia felt that her loyal readers and the general public deserve a chance to get the full scoop!

Concentrating on the impressive durability, uniqueness and potential for custom design, and the more affordable nature of zirconia ceramic, Tricia has laid out all the facts for you in a series of three articles covering Etienne Perret, the wonderful potential of his Gem Ceramic bridal collection, and all the nitty gritty about Gem Ceramic care and maintenence.

Stay tuned for more info and exciting excerpts from Tricia articles here on Etienne's blog and make sure to check out Tricia's other work!

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