Saturday, October 2, 2010

Etienne Perret Gem Ceramic on The Daily Jewel

There are quite a few self-proclaimed jewelry experts out there, some of whom don't know a thing about fine jewelry. But a few are legit, and out of the handful of truly experienced and knowledgeable jewelry authorities, one stands out for consistently sleuthing out some of the coolest jewelry designs for the benefit of her loyal followers.

Robyn Hawk, editor of The Daily Jewel and A Fly On The Wall: Family of Blogs, is a master in her field, and has no lack of good taste when it comes to hunting down the hottest new fine jewelry designs. Robyn recently went one step beyond offering her customary "Daily Jewel" when she gave praise to a wide selection of Etienne's Gem Ceramic and colored diamond designs!

Below copied directly from The Daily Jewel:


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