Thursday, January 7, 2010

Etienne's Featured Colored Diamond Ceramic Designs

pink ceramic purple diamonds gabriner

Etienne enjoys the freedom to create wonderful color combinations in ceramic! This12mm Pink Ceramic ring is strikingly complimented by purple diamonds starlight set in 18kt yellow gold. Imagine the fashion implications! Don't show this to your daughters!

wider gabriner white ceramic colored

This 8mm White Ceramic commitment band, displaying a rainbow of colored diamonds starlight set in 18kt yellow gold, is yet another manifestation of Etienne's create spirit, let loose thanks to the many colors available in ceramic!

black ceramic diamond bangel bigger

Etienne has been so impressed with the durability of zirconia ceramic that it has given him inspiration to develop his newest collection. Etienne's ceramic bangle bracelets are a testament to the versatility of this exciting new medium!
This glamorous 10mm Black Ceramic Bangle, with a brilliant row of white diamonds bead set in inlaid 18kt white gold, exudes fashion appeal!

Etienne is now offering all Ceramic Collection ring designs in various widths, using black, white, pink, brown or blue ceramic, although we believe that many of the designs are much more appealing in the traditional black. Rings can have a polished or matte-finish and may be inlaid with yellow, white or rose 18kt gold.

A testament to Etienne's desire to custom design every piece to his consumer's exact specifications, you may choose the exact number, size and color of diamonds you desire.

While we believe that color enhanced natural diamonds are equally precious and far more versatile than natural colored diamonds, it pays to be an educated consumer! It is the moral obligation of jewelers to disclose all information about the origin of a diamond, including if it has undergone color enhancement treatments.

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