Friday, July 24, 2009

What Colors are Hip?

Did you know that there are certain trends regarding which hues of colored diamonds are most popular? Apparently, although not entirely surprisingly, the popularity of different colors of diamonds is correlated to a number of different factors such as function of the piece of colored diamond jewelry, season of the year and even the region it was purchased!

An interesting site, Diamond Maestro's Blog, has suggested that colored diamonds purchased for bridal jewelry are most commonly pink or yellow which is not surprising at all. More interestingly, fall diamond purchases are commonly in cooler champagne to cognac shades as opposed to brighter summer hues. Sales analysis even supports that metropolitan consumers favor the less common and more spectacular blues, greens and black diamonds as opposed to consumers from less urban environments!

Here at Etienne Perret Colored Diamond Jewelry we enjoy working with any and all shades of natural color and color treated natural diamonds! Our Engagement Ring Designs are available in not only yellow and pink, but with diamonds of any shade, from brilliant color treated blues and greens, to the warm earthy shades of champagne and cognac. Black diamonds are an especially popular choice in Etienne's Mens' Wedding Band designs. Another very popular Etienne design is the Rainbow Channel Band, encompassing all colors of the rainbow into one breathtaking wedding band/fashion ring!

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